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A General Overview of the Conflicting ISTJ Personality Traits

A General Overview of ISTJ Personality Traits
You must have definitely taken the Myers-Briggs personality quiz that everyone's been talking about. If not, do take it now. You may turn out to be an ISTJ. After all, they are one of the most abundant personality types around. This PsycholoGenie article discusses the characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses of these inspectors.
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Last Updated: Apr 12, 2018
Percentage of ISTJs in the population
☞ 12% of the general population
☞ 16% of men
☞ 7% of women

It is very hard to categorize humans into various personality types, considering the different layers each individual has. But, you can get a basic idea of the characteristics of an individual on the basis of his/her preferences. The Myers-Briggs personality indicator uses four basic preferences - introversion-extroversion, sensing-intuition, feeling-thinking, and perceiving-judging. One out of the sixteen personality types, according to the Myers-Briggs personality indicator, is the ISTJ personality.
In the following sections, we shall discuss the ISTJ personality traits, strengths, and weaknesses. ISTJs are called 'inspectors', and rightly so, with their keen sense of right and wrong, and unbiased approach to everything in life.
ISTJ Personality Traits
I - Introverted
Introverted individuals need a lone time to recharge themselves. They may not be shy, but just prefer to spend time alone or with close friends and family, rather than go to huge social functions.
S - Sensing
Abstract ideas don't interest them; it's all about facts. They live in the present, and concentrate on practical matters. People with the sensing preference are realistic individuals, with their feet firmly on the ground. They don't get carried away easily, nor do they get excited over petty matters.
T - Thinking
When taking any decision, people with the thinking preference will go for logic, rather than emotions. They will analyze the situation properly, and make proper conclusions based on facts. They won't let emotions affect their decisions ever.
J - Judging
Sorted, and organized, people with the judging preference cannot compromise on their actions. They will always give their very best, and yes, expect the best from people too. This obsession with perfection can make them slightly critical of others.
Understanding ISTJ Personality Type
In any organization, there's always a person who's working behind the scenes, ensuring that everything is place, under control, and functioning properly; well that's your ISTJ. Hardworking, loyal, logical, systematic, and honest, are the words that best describe an ISTJ. They cannot handle chaos or disorder, thus, they make amazing lawmakers. Rules and regulations matter the most for them, and all other things, including emotions, are secondary.
ISTJs may appear very cold and distant to most people, as they don't open up easily. They just cannot handle emotions; sometimes they aren't able to comprehend their own feelings. You can see many ISTJ personality types suffering from depression due to this reason. If they find friends or partners who can comprehend this dark side of theirs, they do open up, albeit after some time. In fact, they even have a slightly wacky sense of humor. But, sometimes, ISTJs can be very stingy or cheap with money. And yes, they hate surprises or impromptu plans! They have everything perfectly planned out, so they don't like anything or anyone intruding in it.
Everything is either right or wrong for them; there's no middle ground. This strong sense of judgment applies not just to their work, but also in personal life. So, if you have an ISTJ friend, don't expect favors. ISTJs have a very simple and straightforward personality. The irony of life is that, simple things are much more difficult to understand.
ISTJ Strengths
Practical, consistent, and hardworking, ISTJs just won't give up till they finish a task. They love to plan things with great detail, and execute them accordingly. They believe in the philosophy 'plan the work' and 'work the plan'.
You can always count on them. ISTJs love to take charge, and make things happen. If an ISTJ has committed something to you, rest assured he'll complete the task, no matter what.
ISTJs are very honest; everything is about 'right' and 'wrong' for them. They won't compromise with their integrity for anything. They will always have a neutral approach, and go with the facts. They won't lie for even their family members or closest friends.
Since everything has already been analyzed and calculated by an ISTJ, they are very decisive. One thing you can learn from them is to handle a tough situation in a calm, composed manner. You will never see an ISTJ panicking or confused. They always know what they are going to do.
ISTJ Weaknesses
ISTJs love it when there's a strict hierarchy. Rules, regulations, and positions help them work. They are always logical and detached. But, not all people can handle their way of working, and may feel constricted with them. But, they won't change their beliefs or rules for anybody, ever. They always go for tried-tested and proven methods; they are averse to trying something new.
ISTJs are not heartless machines, but yes, they can be very insensitive. It is a fact that they are bad with emotions. They cannot understand their own feeling sometimes, and are really bad at expressing their emotions. When it comes to work, they won't care about feelings. If someone is not meeting their expectations at work, they won't mince their words.
Know-it-all Attitude
Since ISTJs are always ready with facts and figures, some of them tend to sport a know-it-all attitude. And yes, they are never wrong about any information, so they'll always have an upper hand in most situations. They can be very stubborn with their beliefs, and stick to their own convictions, rather than trying to understand someone else's perspective.
Not everybody can handle the strict and no-nonsense attitude of an ISTJ. When people panic in tough situations, ISTJs are quick to judge them. They assume such people to be weak. They hate it when people can't match up to their expectations, and can be extremely critical.
ISTJ Relationships
ISTJ relationships are all about honesty, trust, and commitment. You'll never see an ISTJ having a fling or a casual affair. Like all other things in life, ISTJ relationships last till the end. Although dating an ISTJ may be difficult initially, once they open up to you, they'll stand by you through thick and thin.
They may not have a huge group of friends, but their small intimate group of friends is more than enough for them. They are true-hearted, and will always be direct and forthcoming with their friends and families.
ISTJ Career Paths
With their dedication and hard work, ISTJs are bound to be successful in whichever career they choose. Since they always go with facts, they may not be suited for creative fields. Areas in which a lot of data is processed are perfect for them.
  • Dentist
  • Accountant
  • Detective
  • Military Officer
  • Police Officer
  • Judge
  • Computer Programmer
  • Auditor
  • Scientist
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