10 Famous People With ENTJ Personality Type

Individuals with ENTJ personalities tend to be motivated, assertive, confident, self-driven, and, highly competitive. They focus on the bigger picture and are often perceived as leaders, due to their excellent ability to lead and direct people. This PsycholoGenie article will give you a list of some famous people with ENTJ personality type.
PsycholoGenie Staff
Did you Know?
Tests conducted by the MBTI tool have estimated that, ENTJs make up 2%-5% of the general population, and out of that only 1% are women.
ENTJ is one of sixteen personality types found by the Myers Briggs Test Indicator (MBTI) tool, it is the acronym for Extraversion, INtuition, Thinking, and Judgment. Individuals who possess this personality are known to be natural-born leaders and are attracted to challenges, be it big or small. They generally have a no-nonsense approach and can sometimes be seen as dictatorial. This type make up 2-5% of the population, which is good, in a way, otherwise they would overwhelm the other sensitive personality types.
Summary of ENTJ Personality Traits
  • ENTJs feel motivated when they interact with more and more people, they are known to focus more on the bigger picture, rather than the details, and they concentrate on the future rather than immediate results.
  • They are quite practical and analytical in nature and give importance to logic than feelings. They like to predict outcomes, and then, plan accordingly. They are most likely to excel in business, which requires a savvy and sound mind.
  • These individuals love to learn new things and are known to be problem solvers. To some, they may be appear aloof and cold-hearted, especially to people who are sensitive.
It has been estimated that, this personality type is less stressed and are usually very happy in their field or profession, they even tend to earn more than the rest. Here, we have tried to compile a list of 10 famous people with ENTJ personality type.

A point to remember here is that these famous individuals mentioned here have been classified as an ENTJ personality only on the basis of observation and not on any tests.
Barack Obama
As ENTJs are known to be problem-solvers, so is President Barack Obama, and for him, failure is not an option. He is known to be frank and likes to set lofty goals, sometimes too lofty, these are typical traits of an ENTJ. Another personality trait of his, that indicates his personality type, is his planning and preparation involved in achieving his goal. The passing of the Health care Reform, and ending the war in Afghanistan, being point in case. Like other ENTJs, he too is known to spot inefficiencies and takes criticism well.
Bill Gates
The richest man on the planet till fairly recently, Bill Gates needs no introduction. A true ENTJ personality, he displayed remarkable vision and foresight when he introduced Microsoft to the world, and since then, hasn't looked back. He is known to possess a keen business sense, which is typical of this personality type, and it is hardly surprising that he is still on top of his game even after all these years. Another characteristic trait that conveys an ENTJ type is his controlling and intimidating personality.
Adele, like most ENTJs, does not show her emotional side easily, when in a relationship. She is loud and believes in the art of perfection, which is a common trait for this type. Being the wealthiest British musician under the age of 30 is testament to her talent and business acumen. She is also known to be direct and frank, making no bones about her weight, she stated that she was happy with it and would change only if it (the weight) affected her health.
Charlize Theron
A South African-born actress, model, producer, and philanthropist, like a true ENTJ personality, Charlize loves to be in charge and speak her mind. It's one of the reasons she quit modeling, and started her acting career. She believes in voicing her views out in public, and that's why she started Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project. She even supports many charities and foundations like Much Love Animal Rescue, Stand Up To Cancer, PETA, YouthAids, etc. In the year 2009, she was designated as United Nations Messenger Of Peace, her responsibility is to focus on HIV prevention and eradication of violence against women.
George Clooney
As all ENTJ's love to control and set goals, George also tried his hand at directing. He claims that directing gives him immense satisfaction and control than acting. Not being satisfied with just acting and directing, George has lend support to many political and social issues, focusing all his energies and time on them. This trait is very typical of ENTJs, which also reflects in his choice of roles and movies. A Hollywood heartthrob, who recently got married to Amal Alamuddin, Clooney has been listed among the 100 Most Influential People of the World, in the year 2007, 2008, and 2009, by TIME Magazine.
Harrison Ford
ENTJs have this strong desire to improve their surroundings―the world that they live in. Harrison Ford also exhibits this particular trait, and that's why, he is part of a campaign called "Nature is Speaking". Known to speak his mind and remain a little aloof, Ford is known to be fiercely protective about his private life.
Salma Hayek
She is known to be bold and forthright in her work―which is a typical ENTJ trait. This American and Mexican actress has not confined herself to the acting studios and has actively participated in increasing awareness for discrimination against women and immigrants, and the benefits of breastfeeding. In 2014, she even participated in a campaign for women's rights in Afghanistan.
Nancy Pelosi
Becoming the highest-ranking female politician in American history conveys a lot about the leadership qualities and strong and sharp public speaking skills of Nancy Pelosi. She displays strong public speaking trait, which all ENTJs are known to possess, no wonder she is so influential. Nancy believes the idea of arguing is to finding a solution to some problem. In 2014, Nancy Pelosi was ranked 26th on Forbes list of the World's 100 most powerful women.
Margaret Thatcher
Nicknamed the 'Iron Lady', Thatcher was known for taking some tough decisions as Prime Minister and was mainly responsible for Britain's economic turnaround. Due to her strong leadership skills and philosophy, she was re-elected for a 3rd term in the year 1987. Certain traits of hers were typical of ENTJs, like her direct and frank conservative views and uncompromising personality.
Jim Carrey
Described as one of the biggest movie stars in Hollywood, Jim Carrey does exhibit certain ENTJ traits peculiar to this personality type. He has displayed drive and determination to make it big in Hollywood. During his struggling days, he dreamed of stardom and had the firm self-belief to back it up. Besides acting, he also has been critical of the scientific community's beliefs about vaccination, and led "Green our Vaccines" march in Washington D.C. He is a firm believer and advocate of the law of attraction.
Apart from the above, there are many fictional characters too with this type of personality, some of them are: Perry Cox (Scrubs), The Brain (Pinky and the Brain), Wilhelmina Slater (Ugly Betty), etc.