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Why Do People Sing in the Shower? The Reasons May Surprise You

Why Do People Sing in the Shower?
Of the many funny things that we humans do, one is bathroom singing. But why do people sing in the shower? It's a lot more than mere fun. A relaxing experience, may be. Interestingly, not everyone has this random habit, and those who don't are definitely missing out on a lot of LIFE!
Rujuta Patil
Last Updated: Feb 26, 2018
Singing in Shower for Healthy Heart
It has been observed through many studies that the stress levels of those who indulge in bathroom singing are far lower than others. Shower singers are known to have less of cortisol in their blood, which is related to stress levels and a healthy heart.
Singing with Shampoo Bottle as Mic
The shower is the only place you're all by yourself! No fear of people running away listening to your voice, or the angst of facing an audience when on stage. You are safe to sing at the top of your voice.
Water from Showerhead over Face
Standing under the shower can be as blissful as standing under a natural waterfall. And, the water is hot, just as much as you like it. Like singing originates in happiness, singing in the shower does too.
Bathroom Tiles Acoustics
Tiles in your bathroom are hard objects which do not absorb any sound, but bounce it back, creating a powerful and loud sound. The hard and soft materials normally existing in a bathroom are reflectors, which is why your voice gets amplified like in a studio. It is this highly aural effect that makes one feel like singing in the shower.
Bathroom Singing Natural Reverb
As you sing in the bathroom, you experience a natural reverberation. This is when your voice hits the hard objects, bounces back, and is stretched before you hear it back. The sound persists for long, and is richer than the way your voice is heard elsewhere.
Sound better in shower, Singing in the Bathtub
When the showerhead is your mic and you are belting out your favorite tune, of course you sound better in the shower. Why? Because your voice bounces back and forth in the small space confined by better acoustics. The sound is enhanced, given a boost, and the not-so-good sounding notes in your voice are leveled out.