What Your Favorite Flower Says About You

Did you know that your favorite flower can say a lot about who you are? If not, then you're in for a surprise! This PsycholoGenie article tells you about the personality traits associated with some common flowers. Have a look!
PsycholoGenie Staff
Last Updated: Mar 2, 2018
If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change.
- The Buddha
A flower is perhaps the most beautiful miracle of nature, that smiles at us and fills our souls with its magical fragrance. Flowers symbolize beauty, innocence, happiness, peace, joy, love, and a myriad of different emotions. It's common knowledge that different flowers have different meanings associated with them. However, what most of us are not aware of, is that you tend to fall in love with the flower that best complements your personality. This means, if you love roses, you have a personality that is distinctly different from that of a person whose favorite flower is, say an iris.
Now, if you're wondering how it works, let me tell you that, each flower represents or reminds us of certain abstract qualities, and we're drawn to one that is an expression of the qualities that make us who we are. So, which is your favorite flower? Here's a list of 14 beautiful flowers that people commonly like. Just click on your favorite or that of a friend, to know what personality traits it's associated with.
What Your Choice of Flowers Says about You
If You Love Roses...
♥ ... you're romantic and passionate
♥ ... you bring out the best in others
♥ ... you love to hold on to tradition
♥ ... you strive for perfection
♥ ... you cherish deep and meaningful relationships
♥ ... you're the epitome of feminine charm
If You Love Daisies...
♥ ... you're adventurous and a nature lover
♥ ... you're cheerful and optimistic
♥ ... you love to make others laugh
♥ ... you cherish your friendships
♥ ... you value loyalty in a relationship
♥ ... you're the life of the party
If You Love Carnations...
♥ ... you're genuine and down-to-earth
♥ ... your friends trust you with their secrets
♥ ... you have a unique sense of style
♥ ... you have a reserved nature
♥ ... people seek your guidance and advice
♥ ... you're content with the simple things in life
If You Love Tulips...
♥ ... you're sweet, sensitive, and thoughtful
♥ ... you cherish your family and friends
♥ ... you give your best to whatever you do
♥ ... you seek change and adapt well to it
♥ ... you're passionate about traveling
♥ ... you connect easily with people
If You Love Orchids...
♥ ... you're classy and sophisticated
♥ ... you have an aura of mystery
♥ ... you have a small circle of close friends
♥ ... you can speak your mind when need be
♥ ... you value the rare virtue of honesty
♥ ... appearances matter to you a lot
If You Love Violets...
♥ ... you're reserved but witty
♥ ... only your close friends know the 'real' you
♥ ... you have a subtle approach to everything
♥ ... you value your privacy
♥ ... you make a loyal and true friend
♥ ... you're the embodiment of simplicity
If You Love Gardenias...
♥ ... you're sweet and innocent
♥ ... you have a unique sense of style
♥ ... you love to explore and experiment
♥ ... you have an air of mystery around you
♥ ... you're a true romantic at heart
♥ ... you love traveling to exotic destinations
If You Love Baby's Breaths...
Baby's Breath
♥ ... you're a child at heart
♥ ... you believe in fairy tales and everlasting love
♥ ... you're a true romantic
♥ ... you're always happy and cheerful
♥ ... you have a positive attitude
♥ ... you're the embodiment of innocence
If You Love Lilies...
♥ ... you're compassionate and dignified
♥ ... your kind words have a calming effect on others
♥ ... you love to help and care for people
♥ ... you have a striking and impeccable sense of style
♥ ... you're friendly and playful
♥ ... you're proud of who you are
If You Love Irises...
♥ ... you have a creative imagination
♥ ... you love the thrill of new experiences
♥ ... you have a spiritual side
♥ ... you value promises and fulfill them
♥ ... you're hopeful and optimistic
♥ ... you get easily bored with routine
If You Love Daffodils...
♥ ... you're dreamy and artistic
♥ ... you have a loving and caring nature
♥ ... you are excellent in multitasking
♥ ... you can easily adapt to changing situations
♥ ... you're calm and peace loving
♥ ... you seldom shy away from hard work
If You Love Poppies...
♥ ... you're vibrant and enthusiastic
♥ ... you're the life of the party
♥ ... you love to learn new things
♥ ... you have a flair for creativity
♥ ... you're good at expressing yourself
♥ ... you love to accept challenges
If You Love Sunflowers...
Beautiful Sunflower
♥ ... you're always happy and cheerful
♥ ... people find you warm and approachable
♥ ... your mere presence can light up the room
♥ ... you're the most optimistic one among your friends
♥ ... you're bubbling with energy
♥ ... you make friends easily
If You Love Peonies...
Pink Peony
♥ ... you're sweet and caring
♥ ... you have a heart of gold
♥ ... you love to give and receive surprises
♥ ... you're a good listener
♥ ... you have an elegant sense of style
♥ ... you're a romantic who believes in true love
So, we see that each flower represents a different set of qualities. However, note that not every person you meet who likes daffodils, will be dreamy and artistic. Thus, it's best not to judge someone only just by the flower he/she likes.