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Find Out Here What it Means When You Dream About Someone

What Does it Mean When You Dream about Someone
Dreaming about someone is something you can't forget easily. Few of you may just laugh it off; however, for some, such dreams are like nagging questions that urge to find the underlying meaning.
Shashank Nakate
Last Updated: Mar 26, 2018
Quick Fact About Dreams
Babies dream approximately half as much as adults do.
Rapid eye movement sleep, or REM sleep, is the deepest phase of our sleep cycle. It is during this REM sleep that we easily remember our dreams. REM activity is less frequent in adults than in babies; interestingly, however, babies don't see as many dreams as adults do.
What are Dreams?
Dreams have always been a matter of curiosity for humankind. Interpreting them involves more of guesswork, but there do exist some scientific theories which may guide us in unfolding their mysteries. Physically, dreams are just a response to our thoughts. Psychologically, they could be considered as signals from the subconscious part of our brain. Spiritually, these can be messages, warnings, or help guidelines sent to us by divine beings or dead relatives.
Significance of Dreaming About Someone
To know what it means when you dream about a person, we can make use of several theories for interpretation. If it is someone you know, the most probable and common theory would be that, you have been thinking about that person way too much. Specially when you dream about someone, it is very likely that you were thinking about that person when you fell asleep. This creates an imprint of your thoughts on your subconscious mind, which get reflected in your dreams. But going by theory, when you dream about someone, it has more to do with certain aspects like their personality, or the relationship you share with them, rather than the person itself.

These people may appear as representatives of their qualities which you wish to inculcate, or else you already possess but are unaware of. If you are under a lot of stress, you might dream of a person who has been the cause of stress in your past, or someone who has led a very stressful life themselves. Whereas, seeing a favorite person or a peaceful personality denotes the peace and calm in your life right now.
When you dream about someone you like
Dreaming about someone could simply be a manifestation of your infatuation or attraction towards them. If the person likes you back, the dream signifies your acceptance, self-confidence and self-respect. Whereas, if the person appears to reject you in the dream, it is a sign of being low on yourself and a feeling of insecurity creeps in. You are not confident about winning the person over and are mentally preparing yourself for rejection, so that it doesn't hurt you that badly. This could be considered as a kind of defense mechanism implemented by the subconscious.

When you dream about someone you had liked in the past, not the person, but the pattern of events related to them are important. You may be facing a similar pattern in your current life, or experiencing strikingly similar feelings, like the ones you had for them.

Normally, the thoughts of someone you like are on your mind all day, and more precisely, before you sleep. Dreaming about someone you like is therefore, not at all an uncommon experience. All the analysis and derivations of these dreams imply that, it is our mind which indulges into a constant process of accepting and rejecting certain thoughts. All these thoughts and feelings together create various kinds of emotions. Dreams are probably the manifestation of these thoughts and feelings.
Dreaming About Someone Who Has Died
Dreaming about someone who has died is an indication of negative influence and bad company. If the deceased is someone who was very close to you, the dream would be a solace and a small liberation from your grief. There may be some kind of connection that you share with the dead, which can exist in the form of similar events happening in your lives, or your behavior patterns or even the mental state at some particular time. Such dreams could also symbolize unsettled issues with the dead person. Such dreams offer precious insight and perspective. They open your mind to the things you have already known, but could not acknowledge and help you to look at your life in a new light.

According to spiritual theories (remember, these are only theories and opinions), dead people appear in your dreams to disclose the reason of their death (in case of a mysterious death like murder, suicide, etc). If you are going through a rough patch in your life, the dead may return through dreams to guide you along the right path and comfort you.
Dreaming about famous people
Larger-than-life representations of celebrities/famous people motivate us to get over disappointments in life. Also, through such dreams, our inherent powers give us the much-needed push to explore our dormant qualities which relate to someone famous.

Dreaming about a sportsperson could be an indicator of our innate desire to play the sport that he/she plays. Dreaming about famous people could be a reflection of our desire to be like them. Putting the entire sequence of events from your dreams to come to a conclusion is a better way of understanding them. This way, you don't just focus on specific people in the dreams; you also try to derive meaning from the associated events.
Dreaming about acquaintances
Acquaintances from the past represent your traits or attributes that are yet undiscovered. You may behave in a friendly manner with the acquaintances in your dreams; you may also fight with them. If you are nice to them, it means you are about to find some hidden qualities or talents that you own. Fighting with them indicates that you are finding it difficult to get rid of the bad qualities.

It is said that acquaintances appearing in your dreams are projections of the unfamiliar 'you'. Their occurrence in your dreams throws light on your inner world that you don't know much about. So what does it mean when you dream about someone from the past, and how do you interpret dreams like these?It is important to understand that probabilities abound when you are in the process of interpreting dreams.
Having sexual dreams about someone
Dreaming about a person of the same sex might be an indicator of the fact that, the dreamer detests such kind of sexual behavior in real life. In men aged between 21 and 25 years, having dreams which are associated with nocturnal emissions is quite common. In fact, 70% men from this age group have such kind of dreams, regularly.

Having sexual dreams about celebrities is a common experience. Sex is one of the 'basic instincts' of humans, and the dreams in which you have sex with someone only shows the emotional outflow associated with this instinct. It doesn't necessarily have anything to do with the specific person in your dreams. A dream is like a collage formed from bits and pieces of experiences of our past and day-to-day life.
The interpretations or patterns associated with dreams, their meanings, and conclusions derived from them differ from person to person. So, what does it mean when you dream about someone, and how do you interpret such dreams? Generally, our dreams reflect the feelings buried in our mind. Our subconscious mind provides the buried thoughts and feelings with an outlet in the form of dreams. Finally, one should keep in mind that, answers pertaining to the exact origin of dreams remain shrouded in mystery.