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Read This to Know What Dreams About Cats Signify

What Do Dreams About Cats Signify?
Seeing cats in your dreams is fairly common, and it said to signify a link with your feminine side, hence women, more than men, are known to have such dreams. While dream interpretation is subjective, we will provide some details about the meaning and significance of dreaming about cats.
Ashmeet Bagga
Last Updated: Mar 26, 2018
Dream Duration
Scientists claims that a dream can last anywhere between nine minutes to an hour.
All of us know the importance of sleep, but more than the quantity, the quality of the sleep matters. Also, if we have pleasant dreams, we tend to get up feeling refreshed. The state in which we dream about anything involuntarily is known as lucid dreaming. Dreams are said to mirror certain aspects about our lives and are known to have certain meaning especially if it's a recurring dream.

People generally assume that a dream reflects a deep seated desire in our real life or perhaps thinking a lot about somebody may prompt sightings in dreams. Take for example, if you were stressed about your meeting, you may end up dreaming about that meeting, it can be a good or bad dream. Likewise, dreams about cats can take on a plethora of meanings, but it all depends on how an individual interprets it in his waking state. Dreaming about cats could meaning anything from intuition, femininity, misfortune, to bad luck.

You can interpret such dreams by associating the context of the dream with the cat itself. The meaning of your cat dreams can vary if you saw a dead or live cat. Always try to remember the context of the dream, before you proceed to find out its meaning.
Significance of Cat Dreams
Men can and do dream of cats too. If a man dreams about a purring cat, it means that he feels women find him appealing, it may also signify that he feels comfortable in their company. However, if he dreams about a hissing cat, it means there are certain issues in his relationship with his mother, sisters, girlfriend, female friends, etc.
Women dreaming about cats is a symbol of how they perceive themselves. Perception just does not include their bodies, it also covers other aspects like creativity, intuition, their relationship with the men in their lives.
Sick cat
Some claim that seeing cats in dreams are somehow related to your intuition, if you dream about a sick cat, it signifies that you need to pay more attention to your intuition rather than being logical.
Kitten Playing with Balls
If you see a playful cat, it means you need to open up, be more playful, and stop being so uptight about your life. If you dream about a cat cozy up to you, that means your enemies can be handled well, if ever an argument takes place, you will emerge the winner.
Searching for your lost feline means you need to break free from the things or individual/s holding you back. You crave for your freedom, and you should absolutely not allow anyone to hold you back.
Illustrated Portrait of Persian Cat
If you see a cat without any body or legs, it means you don't have much freedom, and somebody is giving you false hopes of having all the independence in the world.
Japanese Maneki Neko Lucky Cat
To dream about twin cats, means you need to find a balance between your and others' needs. You need to start thinking about yourself, and stop focusing more on others. To prioritize yourself first, then think about others.
To dream about cats scratching you could indicate a feeling of vulnerability in real life. You may feel threatened or scared that somebody may hurt you, or try to take undue advantage of you.
Angry Cat
An aggressive cat could also mean that an individual in your life is not loyal or trustworthy, it could also indicate issues with your feminine side. On the other hand, it could also mean that you will soon have to deal with a malicious person in your life.
Cats Quarreling
Dreaming about cats fighting means you have enemies who can go to any lengths to cause you harm or spoil your reputation.
Sleeping Cat
In Egyptian culture, a cat is associated with goddess Bastet who symbolizes happiness and festivity. Based on history, individuals who dreamed about cats lived a cheerful and blessed life.
Cartoon Cats
The Holy Bible also spoke about cats, dreaming about a home filled with cats could signify that you are living in a dreamworld, you believe in lot of things that do not exist or are not true. It also means that you are emotionally dependent on your illusions, and you need to start living practically.
Cartoon Cats
When you see tiny little, cute kittens, it can either mean you are starting a new project or one that is in its initial stage, or it could mean that you are stuck in a situation, and feel helpless.
Black Cat
If you see a black cat in your dreams, it means that you are ignoring your intuition, black cats are mostly related to bad luck, a bad omen; but this time, you better listen to what your inner-mind is telling you.
White Cute Cat
If you dream about a white cat, it could mean that your life is not going to be a bed of roses, and you have some difficult times ahead. So buck up and don't lose hope.
Fat Cat
Women dreaming about healthy cats signifies high self-esteem and confidence. No situation or circumstance can destroy your hope or break you down.
Just like in real life, cats in dreams also demand attention, and they deserve one's care when they show up in an individual's vision. Cats in the dreamworld are complicated, just like in real life, you need to examine the situation, and then derive a meaning from your dream. Sometimes, dreaming of a cat could also mean that you need to free yourself from all the barriers, and trust carefully.