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Type A Vs. Type B Personality

A Comparative Analysis: Type A Vs. Type B Personality

The type A and type B personality are two personality types which are used to classify individuals based on certain traits. This theory presents a distinct approach towards behavioral pattern.
Dhanya Joy
Last Updated: Jun 3, 2018
You might be an easygoing, relaxed individual, sipping your daily share of coffee while reading this article. Or you might be a high-powered executive striving to climb up the corporate ladder, just skimming through this article to get the drift on your personality type. Whichever you are, you must be curious to know whether you fit the bill of type A or type B personality. So here's more on this theory.
Type A and Type B Personality Theory
This theory is quite well-known both in the medical community and pop culture. It was formulated by two cardiologists, Meyer Friedman and R. H. Rosenman, during the 1950s based on a research which was done to determine how different types of personalities can increase the risk of coronary disease. They came up with a theory where they classified people into three categories: Type A, Type B and Type AB personalities. Type A and B describe two unique sections of people who are polar opposite of each other in terms of attitude, thinking and understanding. Whereas type AB constitutes people who do not fall into both these categories. Though this theory might have played a major role in identifying the correlation between heart disease and personality types, remember that it is not validated science. In fact, recent studies have done their share to refute this particular theory.
Type A
According to this theory, people falling under the blanket term of this personality type have two major characteristics: time urgency and free-floating hostility. These people are go-getters who do not rest until they achieve their tasks. Usually, they take up more work than they can handle. They are driven by ambition and preoccupied by time management. Such individuals gain little or no joy after achieving their goals. They are in a constant race against time and quickly become impatient with delays, unproductive time and other inconveniences. It was also theorized that such individuals tend to lose their temper easily and harbor open or secret hostilities towards others. A good thing about these people is that they are achievers in everything that they get themselves into and have the ability to succeed even in ventures they know nothing about due to their competitiveness and challenging spirit. They are highly efficient, risk takers and have more persistent as well as practical approach to any problem.
Fields like business, entrepreneurship, management, etc. usually appeal to such personalities. However, keep in mind that certain jobs create more environmental stress which plays a major role in pushing these individuals towards achievement-driven thinking.
Type B
The type B personality people are quite the opposite of the type A personality individuals. These people are patient to a large extent, are easygoing and take things slowly and steadily. They do not believe in rushing into things, take time to think and ponder before acting and may also delay their work to the last minute. These people love to socialize and be in the company of both known and unknown people. They often manage to grab attention wherever they go, and seek comfort, more than success while working. They are also known to strike a balance between their professional and personal life. Known as the socializers, these individuals are predominantly 'thinkers' rather than 'doers'. They are more in touch with their creative side and usually are not stressed by the lack of achievements.
You may find the type B personality in advertising, marketing, event planning, travel consulting and other creativity-oriented fields. However, these individuals are known to adapt themselves in any fields with considerable ease.
To sum it up, people falling under the type A are described as impulsive, workaholics, success-oriented, intelligent, practical, realistic and impatient. On the other hand, people falling under the type B are laid back, relaxed, creative, imaginative, artistic and friendly. They may take to deadlines in the very last minute, but not get stressed out even in such tense situations.
A few people may also fall under both categories, displaying characteristics of both these personality types. Knowing your personality type may be helpful in balancing out yourself and can act as the first step towards self-improvement.