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The Common Behavioral Traits of a Type B Personality

Type B Personality Traits
People belonging to personality type B are best described as being relaxed and easygoing. They are not stubborn, and adapt according to situations. Studying the traits of type B, in contrast to type A, will help in better understanding of the subject.
Madhura Pandit
Last Updated: Mar 26, 2018
Personality tests are undertaken as a part of employee selection process. This is because it is believed that people belonging to certain personality types are more suited to specific fields like marketing, sales, management, administration, etc.
The personality type theory is based on the behavioral pattern portrayed by an individual. Personality types classify people broadly according to their behavioral traits, attitudes, preferences, way of life, etc. According to one of these personality theories, people are broadly classified into type A and type B personality.

Individuals belonging to type A and B personality are completely opposite to each other. In order to understand the traits of a particular personality type, it is essential to have brief information about the other. Knowing your personality type will help you know whether you are at a risk of suffering from coronary heart disease or not. People belonging to the B type personality can deal with stress, usually do not suffer from anxiety, and hence, are not at the risk of suffering from heart diseases.

It is essential to note here that the comparisons between personality types A and B are simply made for better understanding. It is in no way intended to prove that one is better than the other.
Understanding Type B Personality
One of the major traits of type B personality is that these people do not get irritated or angry easily. They are laid back and relaxed. They rarely tend to be aggressive or frustrated. They are very calm as compared to their highly strung counterparts (type A). They are very patient and usually have a lot of self-control.
Less Stressed
They are not obsessively competitive. Their competitiveness is often productive. These people tend to be productive under stress. People of B type personality tend to plan things in advance before executing them. They rarely complain or fret. They do not obsessively wish to lead the group or be in control of all the situations. They can easily face things and situations as they come.
People belonging to type B personality are very much tolerant and flexible. They can comfortably adapt to situations and changes. They may even let go of their habits, routine much easily than their counterparts. They do not mind waiting in a line or waiting to get their work done. They do not suffer from anxiety or extreme temper in these cases.
Emotional and Expressive Person
They are social and love to be part of a large group. As they are fun loving, people love being in their company. They are emotional, tend to express their feelings and are not indifferent towards others. They usually have a good social life. Relaxation, enjoyment, fun comes very naturally to them. They spend their free time socializing, shopping or having a good time.
Laid Back Attitude
People of type A personality often wish they were working rather than spending their time in leisure; but, the type B individuals are just the opposite. People with B type personality have controlled eating habits and lifestyle. They usually do not have any obsessive compulsive habits.
On the other hand, people belonging to this type may also be criticized for not following time schedule. They often tend to procrastinate things and do their work at the last moment. Even then, they do not get stressed.
Due to their excessively relaxed attitude, these people are also, sometimes, criticized for being too casual in their approach. Secondly, they may even be overly emotional and lack the ability to take decisions.
Type A and type B personality theory was proposed in the 1950s when studies were carried out to identify behavior pattern that could, possibly, lead to heart diseases. One of the negative aspects of this theory is that the characteristics mentioned for personality types A and B are often limited to middle-aged people. They are also very broadly classified, and hence, may not be applicable in all cases.

Also note that there has been no direct link between personality type and heart diseases. But, studies definitely prove that showing characteristic traits of certain personality type may have a negative effect on your overall health and also on your chances of developing any physical or mental illness. For e.g., being constantly nervous, anxious, stressed or high strung can be detrimental to your health.

The traits mentioned above broadly describe the type B personality traits. They will help in knowing whether you belong to this personality type or not. However, for more detailed and personalized result, you can consult a counselor or a psychologist and undertake a personality test.

Lastly, remember that although the personality type A and type B theory is one of the most popular theories in psychology, it cannot be taken as a foolproof basis to determine whether you suffer from heart diseases or not. Belonging to a particular personality type is not the only reason to induce or avoid heart diseases. Good luck!