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What Do Recurring Dreams Mean? This Post Will Flummox You!

What Do Recurring Dreams Mean?
Considered to be the window to our subconscious mind, dreams are an extension of our thoughts and feelings that lie buried under life's monotonous routines. Recurring dreams, in particular, may be a communication initiated by our subconscious mind.
Rashida Khilawala
Last Updated: Mar 26, 2018
Dreams are an integral part of our lives. They could be pleasing and comforting at times, or downright spooky otherwise. Whatever the theme and the tone of the dream, there are times when they just stay with us, in their own haunting, befuddling manner.
Some of us choose to dismiss dreams as just that - something which ought to be forgotten. However, when dreams become persistent and keep reappearing, they force us to take notice, no matter how cynical or dismissive we may be. Recurring dreams, in particular, are widely accepted to be indicative of unresolved issues, and that the subconscious prods the individual to take note of the same.
Dreams, as we all know, are a collection of thoughts and sensations that play in our mind as we sleep. These can be bizarre, amusing, or completely senseless, but they are our subconscious thoughts, nevertheless.

So, what does it signify when we keep seeing the same dreams over and over again? Let's find out...
What Are Recurring Dreams?
In the simplest sense, recurring dreams are those that one repeatedly experiences or views. The frequency of this event may vary, the details of the dreams may alter, but the overall theme remains the same. Also, these recurring dreams may not always make sense to the person experiencing them. For others, it may seem like a chapter of their lives being replayed. We may see familiar faces, or scenes, or encounter unseen landscapes and sights.
The constituents of the dream are bound to be different for different people, but the one similarity that remains is that these dreams do not let go of our thoughts as easily.
Do Recurring Dreams Make Sense?
Isn't it funny how some of us see this phenomenon as our subconscious mind's attempt to get in touch with our more active mind, whereas others cast it aside as meaningless psycho-babble? It all depends on which side you choose to be on, as dreams and everything else related to the subconscious is mostly a matter of faith.
People have a tendency of acknowledging recurring dreams if they happen to be disturbing enough, or startling enough. Recurring dreams that are normal and happy seldom get the kind of attention and analysis that the former ones do, and only manage to leave a silly smile plastered to our face all day.
What Causes Recurring Dreams?
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Psychologists and researchers say that these dreams are experienced when our subconscious tries to establish contact with our conscious mind. These dreams are useful, precious even, when it comes to resolving any issues or conflicts that may be niggling us in the back of our minds. These could include familial strife, abandoned relationships, unrequited love, or even past life memories.
Swiss psychiatrist and psychotherapist Carl Jung proposed that recurring dreams were vital for the integration of the psyche, whereas the Culturalist dream theory tells us that such dreams are an indication of a lack of positive change in the individual. The Gestaltist dream theory draws a conclusion that recurring dreams indicate an imbalance, and should be seen as a means to restore a sense of balance to life.
The Freudian school of thought tells us that dreams symbolize our unfulfilled desires. While this assumption may not be applicable to the more straightforward dreams, it does make sense when we consider dreams that are of the bizarre kind.
What do These Dreams Signify?
With so many varied viewpoints and interpretations, it is very difficult to answer this question in a manner that will be accepted by all. Dreams are a personal possession, and the one who owns them is given the ability to understand them in a manner he/she deems right.
A widely regarded view is that recurring dreams represent an inner conflict or unresolved issues, but the manner in which a person chooses to deal with it entirely depends on him/her. There have been examples of individuals who have put in great efforts to interpret these dreams, understood the message they held, and rightfully acted upon it. On the other hand, there have been several who were left tormented by what they dreamed of, and had no control to change.
Mentioned below are some instances of recurring dreams, and their possible interpretations.
What does it mean if you repeatedly dream about...
being chased...
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Dreaming about being chased is probably the most common recurring dream. It is usually thought to indicate that the individual is trying to avoid a confrontation with something, or is battling some kind of adversity. However, note that there can be several other interpretations of this dream, changing on a case-to-case basis.
the same person...
Dreaming about the same person may signify unresolved issues. There may be something that you are inwardly wishing to convey to this person.
This may indicate a state of helplessness that you may subconsciously feeling. It may also be trying to tell you that things are slipping out of your control.
caged animals...
Dreams that involve caged animals my signal caged emotions. It may be indicative of your current state of repression, and the need to be expressive.
being in a car accident...
Dreaming about being in a car accident could mean that you may have some health issues cropping up in the near future, and that you need to be more careful.
How to Deal With Recurring Dreams?
To begin with, the significance of dreams as a personal possession cannot be undermined, and every individual has to rightfully choose how to or how not to deal with them. But the methods used below may be of some assistance to those who seek answers. Of course, these may not be fool-proof, but are simple enough to be tried out -
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» Try maintaining a dream journal. Dream therapists often recommend that you jot down recurring dreams, so as to clearly understand their meaning. Include your feelings and observations in detail.

» Meditate over your findings, especially if you think your dreams don't make any apparent sense. Try to concentrate on why you're seeing what you're seeing. Again, answers may not come as easily.

» You can take help from a dream therapist who may assist you with interpreting your recurring dreams.
When you think of it, every aspect related to recurring dreams is strange in a certain manner. Some individuals experience these dreams for a short while, whereas there are others who experience them over the course of a lifetime. Some of these have been life-altering, whereas others have simply been lilting memories. It is ultimately up to the individual to decide what to do with his/her dreams, as they happen to be a product born out of their own imagination.