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Psychological Mind Tricks

Great Psychological Tricks to Play With the Mind of Others

Psychological mind tricks are not child's play. They have their pros and cons. Before you play them, know your innate reasons for doing so in complete clarity. Any failure in doing so, can only lead to a guilt trip...
Mukta Gaikwad
Last Updated: Jun 3, 2018
A puppeteer has the power to pull strings and make his story his way. He holds the right of making or breaking the story at any given point in time of the show. Now, imagine the mere might of those strings he holds. What if you could do that in real? If given an opportunity to influence somebody, you can make both, positive and negative changes in that person's life. Psychological mind tricks are one such way of controlling another mind. Often dubbed as sinister tricks, these can actually benefit the person in taking a right decision and thereby avert catastrophe. Psychological tricks are nothing more than mind games that people play.
Mind Tricks That Work
The first most important point of making mind tricks work is brainwashing. Just as you clean your kitchen platform to start cooking afresh, it is important you do the same with your subject's mind. Wipe out every trace of prejudice from your subject's mind about the action you want him/her to perform. Reverse the effect of previous information on your subject's mind, by using opposite ideas. For instance, if your subject thinks that partying is unsafe and hence stays at home, brainwash him/her otherwise.
Brainwashing will make the subject question his/her beliefs. It will make the person ponder the right and wrong and make create confusion in the mind. At this juncture, your subject will start seeking for answers and alternatives to the beliefs. Feed your subject's mind with options and alternatives that go against prior thoughts and feelings. Following the aforementioned example, give your subject safer options to party, such a house party or limited alcohol and so forth.
Now that you have cleared the confusion by brainwashing and giving options, it is time to convince the subject that the options are absolutely the right ones. The art of persuasion lies in convincing the subject of the idea as though it is his/her own. Use hypothetical scenarios and situations to convince your subject that the alternative is the right one. Show the rewards, benefits and the reasons why the alternative should be followed. Your job while using the mind tricks is that of a lobbyist.
The tact lies in telling the subject that the idea you are giving him is the only way. For instance, show your subject the plus points of going to the party, which are socializing, meeting people, women and men both, careless fun, the best memories and a memorable time.
The last part of making the trick work is coaxing your subject to take action. Convincing someone is different from making someone actually do it. Actions require grit, gumption and conviction to make the thought happen. The concept of reverse psychology, which means negatively challenging the person works effectively on most people. For example, if your subject is still not pro parties, then challenge negatively by saying 'you cannot do it' or 'you do not have it in you to do it'. It might offend the subject, which will challenge him/her to actually take the action.
To make mind tricks work, your effort needs to be a deliberate one. A gap in brainwashing, providing alternatives and convincing will only lead to a failed attempt. Playing mind games is often labeled as a game of people with warped virtues. However, these games can also help one avert disastrous decisions and its consequences. Thus, before you comprehend these as a tool for your vengeance, know that they can backfire with guilt too. So, play these games fair and square to help your subject get back on the right path.