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Fabulously Effective Mind Tricks to Play on People

Mind Tricks to Play on People
Although on most occasions our brain guides us correctly, there are certain instances or times when it can mislead us too. Surprised? Well, try out these mind tricks to play on people around you; your friends, colleagues, and see the change in the way they interact and communicate with you on a daily basis.
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Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018
The human mind is what separates us humans from every other kind of species. Quite clearly, it is the dominating organ in the body, for without which, we cannot function. But just like anything else in the world, the brain too has its own limitations. One of those is the inability to always comprehend deceptive activities or mind tricks.
Mind tricks or mind games have nothing to do with supernatural powers or magic, but simply refer to activities that can trigger an illusionary circumstance for the brain, making it vulnerable to comprehend something in a way that does not reflect reality. These are used in many spheres like magic tricks, negotiations, the build-up to a sports match, relationships, office politics, and virtually any event that involves interaction between individuals or a group of people. Given below are some ethical ways in which you can use your cerebral power to alter someone else's perceptions:-
At the Workplace
There are several mind tricks that you can play at your workplace, in order to make a very good impression on your colleagues and superiors. Being well-dressed is a mind trick in itself. Crisp ironed clothes, especially black-colored outfits, make a very dominating and mature impression on people around you. For guys, you can even grow a French beard. It is necessary to trim it properly everyday. You can also make a very good impression by sporting good accessories. Even simple things like using a good ink pen, wearing clean polished shoes, etc., have a big impact on others. If your hair has started graying, then do not color it, as gray hair signifies maturity. To give people an impression that you are a caring person, keep a photograph of your pet, wife, or your child on your desk. Another very important mind trick to play on people at your workplace is to act mildly interested in anything not related to work, and speak only when spoken to. Your posture or style of standing also tends to create a good impression on other people. The key to make a very good first impression is to talk less and appear to be in thought. When you talk, your voice must sound pleasant and you must also carry a mild, warm smile.
During an Argument
One of the best mind tricks to play on people or your friends, in case of an argument, is known as 'lukewarm water'. In an argument, all you need to do is act lukewarm. Give a firm and sturdy reply while maintaining an erect posture, a steady, glassy stare, and a cold voice. This is sufficient to visibly shake the person in front of you, and there is a very small chance that he or she would quarrel or argue with you again. They key is to appear absolutely confident about whatever you are debating on. This is the best way to argue with a friend, as it effectively finishes off a quarrel or an argument, and does not result into any crumpled feelings.
In a Relationship
Arguing couple
Sustaining a healthy relationship can be a daunting task for some people. Constant arguments and disagreements will always be a part of any relationship. But understanding the mind's philosophy can greatly reduce their frequency. One of the key factors in doing this is to learn how to throw your ego out of the window. When an argument with your significant other takes place, understand that prolonging it will only lead to a lose-lose situation, as neither party would be willing to concede defeat. The trick is to accept the other person's opinion, and unless necessary, do not react to it. More often than not, you would find your partner pleasantly shocked that you did not react. And instead of basking in 'victory', he or she would actually feel guilty and try to achieve a balanced solution. Sometimes, they may even totally reject their own opinion and turn in favor of yours.
Against an Opponent
The famous strategy book called 'The Art of War' by Sun Tzu is one of the greatest books ever written on how to beat your opponents by using the power of your mind. It mainly talks about deceiving your enemy by making them believe you will take a particular route, but instead do the opposite thing. This deceptive mind trick can be used in many situations like sports, games, professional life, etc. The key is to make your opponent believe that he or she is in an advantageous position, whereas you yourself are in an inferior or defensive position. The reality however, is that you are setting up a trap for your opponent because of his or her overconfidence.

For instance, in professional soccer, many team managers deliberately label their opponents as the favorites for a match. This is done to make the opponents overconfident, and divert all the pressure to them since they are considered the favorites. Muhammad Ali successfully employed the 'Rope-a-Dope' technique to deceive George Foreman in a popular boxing bout, where Ali deliberately adopted a defensive stance through most of the match, but lashed out when Foreman looked visibly tired from doing all the punching.
To Avoid a Fight
running fighters
Quite often it happens that some people on the street may try to pick a fight with you for no reason. It is always better to ignore such persons, but when they just won't quit trying to provoke you, you can use the following trick to avoid a fight. Always look into the eye of the person trying to provoke you, but not in an aggressive manner. This makes the person feel that you are actively paying attention to them and not ignoring them. If you look away, that can lead to making the aggressor more agitated, and thus increase the chances of a fight. Look into the person's eye and talk in a composed manner. More often than not, the aggressor will start feeling stupid or guilty for unnecessarily trying to create a fight, and will just let you be.
To Impress Your Friends
Mind tricks do not have to be restricted to psychological tricks all the time. You can use various optical illusions to impress your friends. The most common one is to tell your friends that you have the ability to levitate. Stand sideways in a way that your friends can mainly see only one foot of yours. Shift the other foot slightly ahead, and then with the heel of that foot covered by the other foot, raise yourself using only the heel of your covered foot. Do this fast and get your feet back flat on the ground. This will give the illusion that you floated momentarily. Your friends would find this really amazing.
While Bargaining
Sometimes, the product or service that you want to purchase is overpriced. In such cases, it is fair to push for the right price. The trick is to make the salesman believe that you are not desperate to buy the product. If they feel you really need that product, they will never be willing to reduce the price, as they know you have no other option, but to purchase it. You should always act in such a way that is shows that if you do not purchase the product from that particular place, you have ten other places to go to. This forces the salesman to reconsider his or her offer, as selling the product and not losing out to competition becomes top priority, even if that comes at the expense of the reduced price.
Now that you know how to exploit the weaknesses of the human brain, remember not to use these tricks unethically. Use this knowledge to improve your life, where the use of your ingenuity can greatly avoid stress-related activities.