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A General Overview of the ISFJ Personality Type

A General Overview of the ISFJ Personality Type
The ISFJ personality type emerges from Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessment. Buzzle explains the different traits seen in the ISFJ personality type. Check 'em out.
Vibhav Gaonkar
Last Updated: Jun 3, 2018
Famous ISFJs
➊ Bruce Willis
➋ George Bush
➌ Dr. Dre
➍ Jessica Simpson
➎ Kim Kardashian
➏ Tiger Woods
The developers of this inventory Katherine Cook Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers conceptualized it by adopting Carl Jung's theory of psychological type. In this theory, Jung proposed that two primary pairs of mental/cognitive functions - the 'rational' (judging), and the 'irrational' (perceiving) were expressed in either an introverted or extroverted form, hence determining a person's unique way of dealing with the world. For instance, an introverted person's perception would largely differ from an extroverted person's perception.
The MBTI inventory basically includes a set of questions, wherein the assessment is done based on the subject's responses. Each question is linked to one of the four dichotomies; (I)ntroversion/(E)xtroversion (attitudes), (S)ensing/i(N)tuition or (T)hinking/(F)eeling (functions), and (J)udging/(P)erception (lifestyle). After taking the complete test, the subject is classified into one of the sixteen unique personality types, one of which is ISFJ.
It is believed that people with this personality type constitute about 9-14% of the world population. Let's study the various aspects of ISFJs including their strengths and weaknesses, habits, hobbies, and other interesting personality traits.
Traits of the ISFJ Personality Type
I - Introversion
As introverts, ISFJs are quite reserved but have a very observant eye. They are sure to notice certain details in a person or a situation that others might not even think about. They are very humble and are packed with immense patience. They would mostly give credit for a task than taking some for themselves.
S - Sensing
When it comes to their work or something they like to do, they would never disappoint their bosses or seniors. They are pretty realistic when it comes to deadlines and have a very practical approach towards their work. They are mostly seen to indulge in a profession where they directly communicate with people and help them.
F - Feeling
Being storehouses of patience, ISFJs can forgive easily as well as empathize people close to them. They are very protective of their loved ones and would do anything they possibly can to help them. Also, they have a strong morale, and a set of values that is seen to influence and affect their behavior largely.
J - Judging
You'll never see unnecessary stuff on their desk or in their room, ISFJs are very organized, neat and tidy. They are sincere with everything they are serious about, including their work, commitments, and relationships, and are pretty straightforward when it comes to decision-making. Being sincere doesn't mean, they would do things because they have to do them; they're very choosey and are true perfectionists. They'll never leave anything incomplete, and try to add every tiny bit of detail to it.
Strengths of an ISFJ
Encouraging and Understanding
ISFJs won't hesitate to help or support their loved ones whenever they need it. They will do whatever they can to encourage their family and friends at tough tasks as well as maintain a deep feeling of empathy towards them. They always strive to induce happiness among their loved ones and feel immense satisfaction in the same.
Empathetic and Observant
The ISFJs have a very sharp eye when it comes to observing others' behavior and emotional conditions. They literally put themselves in others' shoes to look at the situation from their perspective. ISFJs have the inborn gift of knowing what will make another person feel better.
Dedicated and Hardworking
May it be a person or a job, ISFJs are known to stick to their commitments and work hard to achieve their goals. They are the ones who would actually get things done and not just ponder over ideas and plans, and are very practical in this sense.
Weaknesses of an ISFJ
Too Humble and Altruistic
Although being humble is good, being too much humble isn't. ISFJs are so concerned about others that they almost forget about their own contribution in getting things right. They often tend to underestimate their successes as their expectations regarding themselves are too high. Hence, they do not take credit for minor contributions on a team project. Even when on a project or helping a loved one, they completely forget themselves and deeply indulge in the activity; they are very selfless and altruistic when determined to do something, and rarely think about personal benefit.
Overexertion or Overloading
This high expectation level regarding oneself makes ISFJs overexert themselves so as to try to perfect every single task. They believe that once they have matched everyone's expectation, they would be satisfied with themselves.
Hobbies and Interests of an ISFJ
► People belonging to this personality type would surely prefer reading an interesting novel than attending a pool party. Although they are really good at something they like (example: cooking, playing music, writing, etc.), they would always deny the best in them. An ISFJ when talking about his interests would say, "I am not very good at anything particular, however, I love to read fiction, and play guitar."

► Most people under this personality type prefer isolated, indoor hobbies, wherein they can do what they like with complete attention and no disturbance. They really like to lose themselves in an interesting book or a tune they are working on, and forgetting about everything else. They like reading, playing or listening to music, solving logic puzzles, cooking, playing a video game. Some might also enjoy trekking/hiking, scuba diving, camping, and the like.
ISFJ Relationships
► ISFJs like deep and profound bonds, they proceed gradually and take their time to get to know the other person in any kind of relationship. These are not the people who would simply make friends by random encounters, say at a party or social gathering. They like their friendship strong, strong like coffee with the constant aroma of mutual support and reassurance.

► When it comes to romantic relationships, ISFJs are mostly into serious relationships which they believe can last for a lifetime. They spend a lot of time in finding ways to make their relationships satisfying and worthy for their partner; in return they just expect lots of love, commitment and appreciation.
Suitable Careers
► Interior Decorators
► Designers
► Nurses
► Managers
► Social Workers
► Counselors
► Religious Workers
► Shopkeepers
► Bookkeepers
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