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Dream Color Meaning

Here's What the Colors in Your Dream Really Mean

They say some people dream in black and white, while some dream in colors. Let us enter the realm of dreams and discuss the different dream color meanings.
Pragya T
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018
The interpretation of dreams date back to 4000 B.C. There are different interpretations according to the type of dreams, sometimes something that a person sees in a dream symbolizes something specific, for example, one of the common type of dreams like flying dreams symbolize that a person has a strong mind and will power. Let us look at one aspect of this huge science of dream interpretation, which is dream colors interpretation.
Before we start the analysis, let us discuss colorless dreams, which are the black and white dreams. Many people believe that they dream in black and white. But is it true? It all depends on individual dreaming. Some people see dreams in black and white. Such people might remember the color of an object they saw in their dream, hence, their dreams can't be completely classified as black and white dreams. Some say they dream in color, but they are in a low saturation. Artists on the other hands will dream in distinctive colors. If you observe particular colors in your dreams, given below are the qualities they represent.
Yellow: Yellow color in dreams is associated with two sides - positive and negative. If a dream is an unpleasant one, then it represents sickness, cowardice, and indecisiveness. If the dream is a pleasant one, then it symbolizes happiness, harmony, intellect, and wisdom.
Beige: Though it is considered a shade of yellow, it represents something totally different from the yellow dream color interpretation. So, what do dreams mean if they have the color beige in them? Beige signals towards the most basic or essential forms and it can also point towards an unbiased attitude.
Orange: This color indicates towards many positive things, which can be hope, liveliness, and friendliness. It also represents an extrovert attitude and sociability.
Brown: Brown is the color of the mother Earth. This color refers to ground/Earth, practicality, physical comfort, conservation, and worldliness.
Red: This primary color denotes passion, power, courage, raw energy, and force. It can also indicate danger, sexual impulses, and shame.
Pink: Pink color indicates to many positive and good aspects, as it can refer to love, sweetness, affection, compassion, and joy. Many people in love have dreams associated with this color. The appearance of a shade of pink like 'hot pink' can represent lust.
Purple: Purple is a color associated with royalty, which can symbolize high rank and dignity. It can also indicate kindness, compassion, healing ability, love, and devotion.
Blue: This primary cool color represents many qualities. It represents truth, loyalty, openness, tranquility, and wisdom. It can also denote the desire to get away from something or somebody. It can also represent spirituality and clarity of your mind. Another indication of blue is the feeling of being sad or having the blues.
Green: Again green can symbolize some positive and negative attitudes. Green can signify good health, growth, hope, vitality, peace, healing, positive change, and serenity. It can also point to one's strive to gain recognition and establish their independence. However, some negative qualities that dark green represents are jealousy, cheating, deceit, materialism, and an inability to share.
To interpret the type of dreams completely, other symbolic objects which occur in the individual dreams should also be taken into consideration along with the colors appearing in dreams.
Panorama of spring forest
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