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20 Best Jobs for People With Social Anxiety Disorder

Best Jobs for People with Social Anxiety Disorder
People with social anxiety disorder are not comfortable doing work which is socially demanding; hence, they need to pursue jobs which allow them to be themselves. Here are some of the best jobs for people with social anxiety disorder.
Madhushree Kelkar
Last Updated: Apr 9, 2018
According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA), social anxiety disorder affects about 15 million American adults.
Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD), also known as social phobia, is an anxiety disorder which causes a person to be excessively afraid of social situations. It renders a person overly conscious of being judged, criticized, or watched by other people. A person suffering from this disorder may find it difficult even to greet someone he knows, because he may fear being judged by the other person. This social phobia may interfere with the routine life of the individual, so much so, that he would find it difficult to attend to his duties at work because of the socialization involved in it.

However, there are many jobs which are not socially demanding, and allow a person with SAD to work comfortably. These jobs involve minimal social interaction, and a person suffering from SAD can easily undertake any of them as per his expertise and preference. Here is more on such jobs, listed in no particular order.
Suitable Jobs for People with Social Anxiety Disorder
Software Tester
Software tester looking bugs
Working as a software tester is a good career choice for people with SAD. Many people work as software testers independently from their homes. Most of the time, they will have to undertake certified courses in software testing and quality assurance, but many employers also provide on-the-job training to freshers. All that it required for this job is sufficient knowledge of writing and correcting codes, by testing them on highly technical software applications. They have to make notes about bugs or faults in the software, and report them to their employers before the product is launched in the market. This can be done online too. Sometimes, they may even have to test video games, which can be the most interesting aspect of this job.
Accountant at work
If a person suffering from SAD is adept at playing with numbers, working as an accountant can be a lucrative option for him. While this is a specialized field, it involves looking after the bookkeeping and financial requirements of a company or individuals. One may even start an accounting firm on his own after gaining a few years of experience, where he will be able to handle independent projects. However, remember that there will be some interaction with the owner or clients, but it will be a job where mostly one will have to sit at one place and complete the work.
Graphic Designer
Graphic designer at work
Another good option is graphic designing. This job entails a lot of creativity, and can be emotionally fulfilling. However, it needs specialized training in the various designing software. It is also a well-paying job, and one would enjoy doing it. There is also scope for a lot of freelance work in this field, which can be done from the comfort of one's home.
SAD Counselor
Psychological consultant
By working as an SAD specialist in a support group or an NGO, one can share his experiences of coping with social anxiety, with others. This will not only help others, but also aid him in overcoming his own fears. He can use his own experiences and therapy to put many others on the road to recovery. Such therapy will involve people like him, and he will not feel daunted or judged by others. Also, people who need help to fight SAD will be in a better position to open up to a person who is also going through a similar experience.
Dog Trainer
Indoor dog training
Many people who suffer from SAD prefer working with animals rather than humans, as there is no fear of being criticized or judged. Hence, they find comfort in working as a dog trainer, zoo keeper, kennel operator, etc. These jobs involve minimal amount of social interaction, and can also be very emotionally fulfilling. They may also feel a sense of responsibility, as the owners entrust their pets with these individuals. Specially, if a person is working as a dog trainer, it will make him happy and give him a sense of job satisfaction.
Woman as writer
Being a writer is the most suitable job for people suffering from social anxiety, as it allows them to work from the comfort of their homes. They can work as content writers, and earn money by delivering a set number of articles on a particular day. This can be related to both technical or creative writing. Even if they work in an office, they will have to sit in their cubicle, and the social interaction with others would be limited. They can further expand their writing skills and move into freelance copyrighting, speech writing, and other writing services which are in demand. They can also publish e Books or even author a printed book. Writing columns for magazines, newspapers, and websites, can also help them earn income. However, remember that the income from this job will increase only after you gain a considerable amount of experience.
Woman as blogger
There are many people who have taken to niche-blogging, and are earning well. This doesn't even need any kind of initial investment. All that one needs to do is start a blog about something, and update it regularly with intelligent and entertaining content. However, unless the blog is extremely popular and has ads, it will not bring in any money. Hence, besides good content, it is important that the blog should be designed in such a way that it will attract lots of traffic. Using the right keywords can help your blog rank better become popular. It can be based on a variety of topics, like fashion, cosmetics, photography, SAD, health, etc.
Business talks
If a person affected by SAD has a penchant for a foreign language, and has learned it, he can easily work as a translator and earn some decent money. He can undertake document translation jobs, which are required by many companies. All he has to do is get the documents, translate them, and send them across to the company. This involves minimum social interaction with the people who provide the work. Apart from that, it is an independent job, and can let one earn well if done to perfection.
Truck Driver
Truck Driver with truck
One may also find the job of a truck driver comfortable, as he will only have to interact with people when he picks up a consignment and delivers it to its destination. Also, this conversation will be very short, and one will be able enjoy long-distance travel all by himself. However, this job involves a lot of driving, and the remuneration may not be right up there. Nevertheless, it is a great job to keep one occupied.
Security Guard
Security guard
There are many people affected by SAD who become security guards. All that they have to do is inquire and check the identification of the people entering a facility, and open the door for them. Many prefer to do night shifts, because it allows least social interaction with other people. However, the money involved in this occupation is not much, and of course, there might arise difficult and dangerous situations too, which need to be handled.
Overnight Stocker
Supermarket worker
As retail superstores like Walmart need to keep their stores updated with stock from time to time, they need to hire overnight stockers. It can be a good job opportunity for an SAD-affected person, as it involves working in the night without any social interaction. The duties conducted by overnight stockers include inspecting new shipments and reporting any kind of discrepancy in quantity, or damaged goods. It also includes labeling items with codes and charges. They have to then place them on the appropriate shelves. However, the flip side is, this is not a high-paying job.
Online Jewelry Seller
There are many individuals out there who earn a good living by making and selling jewelry online. They have made their own labels, and supply jewelry even to offshore locations. Websites like Etsy, eBay, etc., can be used as platforms to sell this jewelry. Most of these transactions require electronic interactions, and individuals can easily design, make, and supply jewelry from home itself. If the jewelry designs become popular, and sales pick up, it can also become a well-earning international business.
Care giver using digital tablet with toddlers
Most people affected by SAD find it comfortable being around animals and small children. This is because, they do not fear being judged or emotionally harmed by them. Under such circumstances, working as a babysitter can be a good job option. All that they have to do is take good care of the child while their parents are away. If they prove themselves to be trustworthy, they would be recommended for many other babysitting opportunities too. Also, there is minimal interaction with the parents in this job, and can be conducted easily without much socialization.
Computer Programmer
Software programmer working late night
This job requires a person to write computer codes for developing software, by sitting in an office or even at home. The best part of this job is limited social interaction. However, one may have to give presentations about the programs if required. But, it is a comfortable job for someone who enjoys sitting and working for long duration. This job can also pay very well.
Firefighter pulling hose
Contrary to popular belief, one may not come in contact with many people while working as a firefighter. This can be a very emotionally fulfilling job, as it gives one an opportunity to save lives. Interaction with the public is minimal, and a person with SAD can feel comfortable in this profession. He can also adjust his schedule and take joint leaves as and when required in order to recover from any situation-related issues.
Online Reviewer
There are many people who earn good amount of money by sitting in their homes and writing reviews for products on various websites. Many freelance writers have made writing online reviews their full-time profession. Not only is this job creative, it does not require much socialization. Moreover, it will also help one earn good money.
Painter painting
If a person has excellent drawing, sketching, or painting skills, he can earn well by selling his paintings, both at exhibitions or online. He does not need to socialize much with others for this. However, the money involved may not be much initially, but as he gains recognition, he will start earning better. Nevertheless, it can be a very creative and satisfying career.
Factory Worker
Metal workers in factory
Working on an assembly line or shop floor is also advisable for people with SAD, as they have to complete the allotted work without much socialization. The work is task-bound and schedule-oriented, leaving very less scope for any kind of socialization. However, how much one earns through this profession depends on skills required and experience in the particular industry.
Spring planting
One can also take up landscaping work, which will help him work independently without much interference from others. It is advisable that you take a course in landscaping, and intern at an established landscaping artist, before you start a venture on your own. This is also a very creative job, and allows you to work closely with nature.
Data Entry Operator
Woman on data entry work
A data entry job is an entry-level job, where you need to transcribe or transfer data from one source to another. You can even do this job comfortably from the confines of your home. All that you need to know is how to use a computer properly. Many people have made data entry their full-time jobs. However, this is not a very high-paying profession.
Most of these jobs will require a minimal amount of social interaction. Hence, it is recommended that a person with SAD take up jobs which involve small children, animals, objects, and numbers. Apart from these, you can also work as an actuary, vet assistant, dental technician, cleaner, courier delivery person, pizza delivery person, and also by conducting online research, marketing, and surveys. However, jobs meant for introverts, like working as a mortician or forensic scientist are not recommended for people with SAD. This is because, a mortician will have to speak with the bereaved family, while a forensic scientist will have to interact with other forensic scientists, authorities, and attorneys, regarding evidence.

Now that you are aware about the best jobs for people with social anxiety disorder, help out an SAD-affected person by suggesting any of these to him. According to ADAA, about 36 percent people with social anxiety disorder experience the symptoms for 10 or more years, before seeking help. Hence, it is essential that an affected individual gets timely help to avoid the condition from aggravating. It is advisable that family members take special efforts to understand and support the individual, so as to find a suitable vocation for making him financially independent.