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What Does a Dream About Being Bitten By a Snake Really Mean?

What Does a Dream About Being Bitten By a Snake Mean?
Have you ever dreamed of snakes and woken up all sweaty and terrified? Wondering what it signifies when you dream about snakes biting you? In this following article we will try and understand the probable reasons for why one dreams about snakes.
Rujuta Borkar
Last Updated: Jun 3, 2018
I sat under a tree in the backyard and swung my legs from side to side. All the while that slimy, creepy creature slithered its way across to me. Then I felt its skin against my barefoot, cold. A black serpent it was and it coiled around my leg, inching and inching its way upward. I saw its tongue dart in and out and it chilled me to the bone. Slowly the leaves turned into snakes and slithered all over my body... green, yellow, brown and black. I felt one get around my neck as it set out to crunch it like dried twig... another ready to strike. I tried kicking the snakes away, breathing hard and sweating profusely... but nothing, nothing. And then I woke up sweating and my heart hammering like a thousand gongs being set up at the same time. For three nights after that there were the same dreams making way - snakes and more snakes. Why was I dreaming about snakes and what does a dream about being bitten by a snake mean?
It's a terrifying feeling to be dreaming about snakes, and when it gets to four nights in a row, you can imagine the kind of horror it can unleash upon a person. That's what happened to me and it was enough to get me worried about the fact, wondering if everything was OK, and if this was in fact a normal phenomenon. So I set about researching about the topic and this is what I found about snakes in your dreams.
What Does a Snake Dream Mean?
Dreams generally involve things which are based on the incidents that have occurred and the situations that we go through in the most recent times. These are the things that are playing in our subconscious and when we dream, the subconscious and conscious become one entity and portray what we are feeling and thinking. That is why dreams are considered devices that help us understand what our subconscious is trying to tell us.
With such a potent theory backing the occurrence of dreams, it comes as no surprise if dreams about snakebites raises some doubts in your mind. What can they signify? Here are some theories and explanations.
Fears and Trepidations...
The snake as a creature by itself represents fear and leads to raising feelings of horror in a person. One of the interpretations of dreaming about being bitten by a snake represents a deep rooted fear and doubts about some things in your life. Some things that have not come about as yet and that is why they raise the fear and trepidations of the bad that is to come. Thus the meaning of a dream in which a snake is biting you is also known to warn you against the dangers that are probably lurking about, that in the near future you might go through a stressful situation which can lead to harm.
Of Sex and the Facets of It...
Dreaming about snakes in general is taken to be a phallic symbol, did you know? If a snake shrivels and dies after having bitten you, it is taken as the equivalent of a male orgasm. When there is a biting snake making way into your dreams, it is taken as a sexual symbol and is seen to represent dissatisfaction in sexual relations. It could also mean that a person feels sexually threatened or even overpowered. It serves as a warning against entering in a sexual relation that might cause more harm than it can provide satisfaction and evoke pleasure. That is what dreaming about a snake biting you means. Alternately it can also be taken as a symbol of forbidden sex and thereby lead to evoking dissatisfaction in sexual relations.
Mistrust in a Person...
The snake could also represent a person around you who you do not trust, because of all the negative qualities that he possesses. Someone who does not let you grow in life and cuts into your positivity and optimism. Such a person makes you feel threatened in life.
Fear of Intimacy and Commitment...
Another explanation for dreaming about snakes could represent the deep-rooted fear that a person feels for intimacy and commitment in a relationship. They are not ready and find themselves incapable of entering a mature relationship that requires them to take responsibility for their actions.
Transformation and Healing...
Here's something that is a positive twist on things and you might quite like this version of dreaming about snakebites. It is said that when a snake administers a bite and dies, or you recover from the bite, it is supposed to represent the theme of healing and transcending into a better phase in life. The snakebite is taken to mean a trying time and the successful recovery from the same is taken as a positive sign which means that there are better things to come about, that you'll face your fears, overcome them and become a better person - both psychologically and spiritually.
With so many theories surrounding the factor of 'What does a dream about being bitten by a snake mean', there are bound to be a lot of doubts about what it represents for you. And while a single factor from a single theory cannot probably be said to stand true for you, these theories will definitely make way for a lot of clarity. Introspection about the varied factors in your life, the trepidations and doubts that you face and the way in which certain things evoke fear or confusion in your life can definitely help you deal with them better. Maybe the dreams about snakebites can only be the reason to start thinking or rethinking about a few things in your life?