Treating Depression without Medication

Depression should be dealt with effective methods, before it becomes chronic and poses threat to your health. Here are simple and effective ways for treating depression without medication that you can use to deal with it.
PsycholoGenie Staff
Today, everybody has some tension happening in their life, and many people tend to go through depression. There are many antidepressants which can really help to cope with it. But, all the antidepressants have side effects, and long term use of such medication can lead to many serious side effects, and hence such medication is not recommended for continuous use. However, there are many other ways to treat depression without having to depend on medication.
The first step in treating depression is to accept. Accept everything, whatsoever it is. Don't think of it as positive or negative, just accept. Accept the current state of situations and breathe out slowly. Just acceptance of the situation will give the self-realization, that you suffer from depression and will give you courage to transform your situation.
Care for Your Body
Emotional wellbeing is related to the health of your body too. Our mind, body, and heart, all are connected. So, the next step is to start taking good care of your body. Sleep properly and get enough sleep. Use techniques to relax yourself before you go to sleep to enter into a more peaceful sleep. Follow a well-balanced diet and occasionally use herbs which are natural antidepressants. There are many herbal teas that can help the mind and body relax, for example chamomile tea gives a soothing effect. An aromatherapy massage can also relieve a lot of tensions from the body. So, see what methods suit you and use them regularly to maintain wellbeing.
Active Meditation
Everybody knows about meditation as an anxiety cure. But to most people meditation means sitting silently. However, there are many active meditation techniques, which can help vent out the anger or strong emotions stored inside. Providing a vent for these bottled-up emotions will give a good release. One of the ways to do this is to go to a room and lock yourself, wear comfortable clothes, or minimal clothes, and blindfold yourself. Then for 15 minutes continuously you express everything. You can run, jump, shout, scream, kick, punch, cry, laugh, or do whatever you feel like doing. But, do this totally and exhaust yourself. After 15 minutes are over, lie down on the floor and feel the peace that comes to you through exhaustion.
Silent Sitting Meditation
After active meditation, do silent sitting meditation. Just sit in a comfortable position with comfortable clothes. Then take 10 deep breaths. Then close your eyes and keep watching your thoughts, don't get attached to them, just keep watching them.
Taking up a Hobby
To deal with depression better, taking up a hobby works great. Whatever you like the most gardening, dancing, singing, cooking, etc. Whatever makes you connect is good. So, follow a hobby and enjoy it and it will help you deal with depression better.
Exercising can greatly help and maintain good health of the body and mind. Dance workout routines or kickboxing are good options. Even swimming can help. So, pick a workout which you like or which is intense.
Accept your situation and be your own doctor. Start caring for your body and emotional wellbeing. Also, coming out of depression will help you to deal with the situation with a fresh new perspective and live more happily.