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What Repetitive Dreams About the Same Person are Telling You

Repetitive Dreams About the Same Person
Having repetitive dreams about the same person? Find out here what the underlying cause could possibly be when such a phenomenon occurs...
Naomi Sarah
Last Updated: Mar 26, 2018
It's funny how you dream of a person you haven't seen or thought of in years, and boom they're right there in the flesh within your dreams. Pleasant or not, it can be quite uncomfortable to dream of someone you don't fancy, or someone from the past you severed ties with. There are other hidden-beneath-the-surface causes that don't come to light unless you sit down and analyze these dreams. Often therapy helps to go back to a time when this person existed, to help find out why the dreams keep recurring. It is utterly fascinating how the brain can bundle into its recesses different memory strands that accumulate over time. It is not really our conscious minds that lead our brains to conjure a dream, but our subconscious as well.

There are many things that fall into the picture when you evaluate why recurring dreams appear especially when they are dreams about the same person. The dreams can be quite lucid and startling, but if they tend to happen often then it is time you seek help and confront these recurrences. A lot of people go under hypnosis therapy to put the mind in a state of relaxation while recounting a period that they aren't entirely familiar with anymore. It can eliminate the dreams when you find peace with unsettled issues, and makes it even better if resolved with the person you are dreaming of, he/she is contactable. Once you have peace of mind, then the dreams are most likely to cease.
What Does It Mean When You Have Recurring Dreams
We'll now take a look at the common case scenarios that are evident when it comes to dreaming about the same person. The best way to deal with recurring dreams, is to make peace with the one you're in a mental and/or emotional conflict with, or visit a therapist to help deal with your problems should these people be inaccessible.
Messy Breakup
A past that has an ugly breakup seeded into your history, can encourage one's mind to conjure dreams about the ex-partner in question, or the incident itself. It can be the kind of breakup that wasn't halted on ordinary conditions. These could be overly abusive relationships or those that didn't mutually end well. No proper communication was made to end things on a good note, making you dream up this person at night. Sometimes when we take an afternoon nap, mini dreams pop up which also have vivid images of someone we knew/know. The brain is constantly in a state of going through cycles, where certain ones force our minds to create dreams.

The best thing to do is to try to get in touch with this ex-lover if possible, and tell them that you hope they're doing well and are happy. Once you make that move to bridge a gap that was left unattended, you are able to move forward, with a lighter heart and a clear subconscious. If you do not want to confront this person, then put your mind at ease by telling yourself that you're better off without them, and that help is always available from family and friends, including like I said earlier, a therapist.
Breakup of couple
Unstable Family Ties
It is clear that when you constantly have bad dreams that circulate around a family member, that there is something that needs attention. Based on the theme of your dream, you will know what kind of relationship it is. Was it a pleasant dream or one that had you panicky when you awoke? Confront your fears and try to solve problems within your household if the dreams persist. If they are pleasant ones, it is only because your subconscious mind wishes that things were right again, with you constantly looking at the good side of what the family could be. It is a clear sign that it is time to make amends with your siblings/parents.
Recent/Past Traumatic Incident(s)
The trouble with dealing with the death of a loved one or friend is when the incident is indelible from our minds. We relive the incident during our waking hours, and find no solace even when those around seem to willingly offer it. It is a battle of knowing how to move on, and not have the pain follow silently behind. Dreams have a way of showing us things we wish for or constantly ponder about. Like me for instance, when my mother passed away last summer, I wasn't prepared for it at all, neither were my siblings or the rest of the family. I may have come to terms with it well before she was gone, but when the stark moment presented itself, I was caught off guard.

The dreams were an endless stream of her coming back to life, and awakening from a deep slumber, shocking the family in my dream into believing that she was in fact still alive. The dreams ended months later, and I could sleep better only because the old adage, time heals all pain, rings true for many of us. So confront your past and the incident, and visit a therapist if you need to get over the accident or death. If you were in a near death experience, therapy can help lessen the shock, with a new lease on life that you will come to discover.
Stress from Work/Studying
We all have someone to report to at work/class, where the pressure is on from the get-go when it comes to projects and deadlines. Constantly being in a restless state of mind can force it to think up instances full of tense moments, often abruptly waking you up relieved that it was all just a dream. Being surrealistic in itself, a dream still has its way of holding you within its life-like grip. It is important to meet deadlines on time, with a calm and collected head on your shoulders and managing higher-ups in a way that doesn't allow you to fray a nerve or two.
Work stress
The repetitive dreams can also plainly be about someone you associate with frequently or secretly like behind the scenes. The reasons both big and small all boil down to how much the mind stores of that incident depending on the impact it has on the brain, and how frequently the thoughts of this someone occur. If the dreams are too horrific and disturbing to deal with, it is best advised to consult a therapist on how to stop the intensity of the dreams, and if there is medication that can help. If they are good dreams, you shouldn't have to worry then.