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Test for Manic Depression

Test for Manic Depression

Depression is a state of mind and a condition often created by our choice and thinking. This test will help you analyze your level of depression. If you can make yourself depressed, then you can break its shackles too.
Mukta Gaikwad
Honesty is the best policy. So, answer each question honestly. It is alright, if you get uncomfortable while answering, just don't get bogged down. At the end of it, the test for manic depression provides you with effective solutions based on your scores. Taking this test will also help you decide the severity of the problem. It will help you familiarize with the signs of depression. Try not to hurry. Take your time and think carefully about each of the options. Choose the option that best describes how you are feeling right now, and not what you were feeling a few months or days ago.

Morning is the time I love the most.

a. Gorgeous! Music makes it even better.
b. Not when I am running late.
c. I hardly notice it.
d. What on Earth is special about them?!

I feel downhearted, sad and blue.

a. Blue is my favorite color and it makes me so happy!
b. May be.. ummm.. yes.. umm.. no.. yes.
c. Yes, a couple of times.
d. Happiness was never mine to celebrate.

I have weep spells or I feel like crying.

a. My tears are precious, so I choose not to waste them.
b. I do cry occasionally, while watching movies.
c. Yes I cried at my sister's wedding. It was sad to see her go.
d. Crying has become my favorite pastime.

I hate my friends, they are preachy and frivolous.

a. Friends are forever, and I love my friends.
b. I like my space, so I meet them only on alternate weekends.
c. Once a month. I can only stand whiling away my time occasionally.
d. I detest their sight.

Fear has become my companion and I have lost the confidence to do the things on my own.

a. Fear is a stranger and confidence is my companion.
b. Only sometimes, the darkness brings on fear.
c. I'm scared of going to the supermarket as well.
d. I live in the tight grip of fear and lack of confidence to do things.

I have trouble sleeping without sleeping pills and I mostly have restless nights.

a. No, I sleep like a baby.
b. Rarely do I have sleepless nights.
c. Sleeping is a rigorous exercise, in vain.
d. Help! I'm an insomniac.

My heart is beating faster than usual and leaping a beat at every brake.

a. Rubbish, it's not true.
b. Yes it does, off and on.
c. It does every time I am working on something.
d. It's beating even now.

My mind is clearer than it used to be.

a. It's clearer than crystal.
b. Clarity becomes hazy with a little work, but only sometimes.
c. Every evening post work, my mind is boggled!
d. Work, play, or vacation, my mind is a perpetual clutter.

Rains are a bliss.

a. Romance, indulgence, and rain. There is nothing more perfect than the rain.
b. Rains are good, if they can take my appointment first.
c. No! I prefer the summers.
d. Rains should be abolished from the season fraternity, because they make me gloomy!

If your answers were mostly As, then your life is steady and perfect. The depression test just confirmed the same for you.

If mostly B's, then there is a slight chance for mild depression. Don't worry, take it easy, don't panic. Mild depression can be managed with self-help. Simple solutions like venting your feelings out to a friend or relative, will ease the occasional bouts of sadness.

If mostly C's formed your answering pattern, then there's a fat chance you may incline towards the unwanted. Understand that it's a state of mind and a game of emotions. It definitely can be treated if you are willing to help yourself. Schedule your work, and take frequent breaks. Take up activities that you enjoy, and are less taxing. Free yourself from a monotonous life. Cure is just one choice away, so make it right now!

If your answers were mostly D's, then sadly, you're in trouble! Don't panic! Sure you are alternating between extreme happiness to exaggerated depression, but if happiness is what you feel in bouts then sustaining it, is our aim. Get in touch with a psychologist, who will guide you through, by identifying the cause of the condition. Take up a balanced and healthy life and positive results shall follow!