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Interpreting Relationship Dreams and Decoding Their Real Meaning

Interpreting Relationship Dreams
Dreams are a subtle way of communication with your subconscious mind. What do dreams about relationships mean? Interpreting them can help you decode what the dream is trying to tell you. Buzzle will help you with meanings and interpretations about relationship dreams.
Dhanashree Patane
Last Updated: Jun 3, 2018
Dreams are illustrations... from the book your soul is writing about you.
-Marsha Norman
It is often said that a dream represents a certain aspect or event connecting to your waking life. Your conscience is trying to tell you something. Dreams could also represent unfulfilled wishes and desires. Dreaming about love, relationships, and sex, perhaps are most common. Some of these dreams are pleasing, while others can be disturbing and irrelevant.
Relationships are such an important part of our lives. As per research, dreams and relationships have a deeper connection. It was found that the nature of a dream had a significant impact on the way people behaved with their partners in a relationship. For example, people who saw dreams of infidelity, were more likely to feel low, disturbed, and it did affect their behavior with their partners on the following day after their dream. So, let us see what dreaming about relationships mean.
Meaning of Relationship Dreams
Dreaming about your partner's ex signifies your insecurities in the relationship. You may be comparing yourself with the ex, and pushing yourself too far to be like him/her. It may also be an alert symbol, which asks you to be wise and not repeat the same things that ended your partner's relationship with his/her ex.
Sexual dreams about your ex? Well, this does not mean that you want to reconnect with him/her. The dream may be a symbol of acceptance of certain traits of your ex. Your mind is now acknowledging all the good and bad qualities of your ex.
☆ Sometimes, we see a childhood crush or love in our dreams. What do such dreams mean, if there never really was matured love in it? To see an old lover from the past (childhood) signifies a free and innocent relationship. It may be a signal that your current relationship is too heavy and burdened with responsibilities. Your mind is craving for pure love and romance that is not calculative. It may be a sign to ask you to get back the same love, youth, and spontaneity in your waking life relationships.
☆ When one sees a former lover or ex-partner in a dream, it does not always mean one is missing that individual. Perhaps, such dreams talk about events or situations in your present or waking life. To see your ex or that you are back with your ex in a relationship, suggests that you are facing the same emotions or feelings with someone in your current life. These can be good feelings or perhaps feelings about hurt and neglect. The dream may be a warning sign for similar issues in your current relationship. You may be dealing with the same insecurities or behavior that you faced in your past affair. You may be in a situation where you do not really want to be, and want to move out. Well, the dream may be a prompt by your subconscious mind to learn from the mistakes of your past, and apply them in your present relationship.
☆ Relationship dreams can also be disturbing, like seeing your ex is dead. Well, it does not mean that you really have the desire to kill him/her. It means that you should be ready to embrace new people and relationships in your life. Your feelings for your ex are over (dead), and you should forget the past and move on.
☆ A dream that shows your partner cheating on you can be disturbing. However, it does not mean that he/she is cheating on you in real life. Such dreams can represent the surfacing of your own insecurities, flaws, deep-rooted anxiety, and low self-esteem. You may also be feeling lonely due to lack of attention in the relationship. These dreams strongly indicate the fear of failure, and this can be in any aspect of your waking life. Dealing with troubles and abandonment in the past, (like a troubled relationship, divorced parents, and childhood abuse), may also be the reason for such dreams.
☆ If you see yourself cheating on your spouse or partner in the dream, it may be symbolic to feelings of guilt, and self-betrayal. You may have overlooked your own ideals and beliefs in a certain area of your real life. It may also define your hidden passion.
Dreaming about a breakup with your ex? It may seem like a strange and weird dream, but it does have an emotional significance. So, dreaming that you are breaking up with your ex, means your subconscious mind is still dealing with the memories of the affair. You may be in denial of the breakup.
☆ Seeing a breakup in the dream with your current partner, means that the relationship is going through a rough patch. It does not necessarily indicate that you should actually call it off. If you were sad after the breakup, it signifies that even after the tough times, you want to make it work, and do not want it to end.
☆ If you dream of a breakup with your partner, and you are happy in the dream, then it may be a clear sign that you need to take action. You may be dealing with some real issues, and your mind does not want to take it anymore. Your subconscious mind may be signaling you to take the same path in your waking life. Dreams may not be a strong source to rely on and end a relationship in real life, but the fact that you felt happy and good after the breakup dream may need a little consideration. You may want to take a short break, relax, and find your true self.
☆ If you see your partner calling off the relationship and breaking up with you, then it signifies that there is some part of yourself that you need to leave behind. Your relationship is growing and moving to a higher level, and some part of it is ending. Such dreams may not always signify your near future, and that you should end the relationship. It is very important to relate to every important aspect of the dream to your waking life.
☆ Dreams that show you with your lover are pleasant, but what if you see another girl/boy with your partner in the dream? Such dreams signify insecurities. They may be an account of some fight/argument that may have taken place in the past.
☆ Dreams about relationships can also be fulfilling. Seeing yourself getting married in the dream is generally a good sign. It means your mind is getting ready for the big day or encouraging you to a stronger commitment. It is also a symbol of embracing and accepting your partner wholeheartedly in the current relationship. Your subconscious mind is alerting you of the life-changing events in your waking life.
☆ If you dream about getting married to your ex, it may signify that your mind is now connecting to a part of you which was cherished by you in your past relationship. It also reflects your learning lessons from your past relationship, that are going to help you ahead in life.
Dreaming about having sex with your partner? Well, they not only indicate a strong sexual desire for him/her, but they also signify non-physical and emotional attachment. When you see yourself making love with your partner, it may be symbolic to your acceptance of his/her love. Your mind may be more attached in love and trust with your partner. It also defines connection, great chemistry, and acceptance of your partner.
Dreaming about getting intimate, and with other people, may be a scary dream in a way. Do not worry. This dream does not necessarily depict your desires to get close to other people or strangers. Such dreams signify your deep desires, passion, and creativity. You may be wanting to break free from a monotonous sex life, and take the road to adventurous and flirtatious lovemaking (with your partner of course). Sometimes, dreams that involve other people in a sexual act with you may also define that you admire certain qualities in that person, and you are trying to connect to these qualities in yourself in your waking life.
The above were the most common relationship dreams and their possible meanings.
Understand that it is very important to relate even the smallest detail of the dream to your waking life. Interpretation of dreams can be very subjective. Sometimes, dreaming about relationships may not really be relating to love relationships in real life. So, go easy on the interpretations of such dreams. As long as they do not hurt anyone (and yourself), share them and their interpretations with a hearty smile with your partner.