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How to Deal with Type A Personality

Here's How to Smartly Deal With a Typical Type A Personality

The question here is how to deal with type A personality. At the outset, I must tell that you have to cultivate immense patience to deal with such people because they are stubborn, aggressive and short tempered...
Saptakee Sengupta
Last Updated: Mar 12, 2018
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A person with type A personality could easily be recognized because of the typical attributes they possess. Dealing with type A personality basically entails bearing their negative traits. Highly aggressive, short tempered, inflexible and over conscious of time are some prominent traits of a type A personality and a person has to encounter such ill behavior while mingling with them. It's indeed difficult to deal with such people when temper and stubbornness become impertinent in their behavior. Nevertheless, you can still build an amicable relationship with them if you understand their feelings and try some subtle means to pacify their uncongenial behavior.
Dealing with Type A Personalities
We shall first study the traits of type A personality and then make an effort to deal with them. Getting impatient in trivial issues and losing temper quickly will negate their growth and development. Tolerating such immature behavior is quite annoying and this is one of the most obvious reasons for people staying away from them. Thus, they are mostly loners in their life.
Being overambitious, they preconceive that they have already succeeded which tends to show dangerous consequences in professional and personal life. This further leads to depression and leading a stressful lifestyle. Despite being hardworking and punctual, they fail to get appreciated by others. Thus, you can well perceive the complications they face in personal and professional life. If a type A personality happens to be your friend, partner or boss, then you can try the following ways to handle him.
So how to deal with type A personality? Always remember that the negative traits are innate and they are not purposely done. When a persons throws fits of anger, he is not in his senses and has temporary lost self control. If you are facing such a person, then instead of refuting back, you should remain calm and silent.
The problems become more dire when he tries to establish this forthright and dominating nature on you. How would you cope with such a situation? When every effort to make him understand goes in vain, then the sole way to get out of the situation is getting across to rule out his opinion. Above all, you have to be strong to face him and disapprove his views. When the momentary conflict is over, you can give a fresh dimension to your relationship.
Dominating attitude becomes difficult to tolerate when it confines you around narrow boundaries built with misconception, wrong judgment and compulsion. However, leaving your partner in a despicable situation is not something justified because he might be equally high in emotions and sentiments. They are incapable of expressing themselves and so they convince themselves anyhow that they lack attachment with anyone.
Instead of showering love and compassion on their loved ones, they tend to portray that money brings happiness in any circumstance and material pleasure is the sole way to display care and concern. You can discuss with your partner and try to make him understand that money and material satisfaction are necessary but human values play a greater role for sustaining a relationship.
Study the person, scrutinize his personality traits and emphasize on the facts that mellow him down. You can easily find out that there are ample ways to control a type A personality. If your colleague or boss belongs to this category then try to eliminate situations that would make him angry. Make sure you are aware of your work and you have completed it within the stipulated time period so that no issues arise regarding your performance and quality. This is the easiest way to avoid conflicts at workplace.
You can also suggest the person to relax when he is over stressed out. Be physically intimate with your husband when he is under tension and pressure and show your love, care and concern for him. You can also suggest to your friend to practice meditation or engage into stress free activities for complete rejuvenation of the mind and body.
The behavioral traits possessed by birth oft make them unaware that they are actually causing harm to themselves and deteriorating their relationship with everyone present around. If you are confronting such a person, then probably it's your responsibility to handle the situation wisely and get him out of his negative qualities.