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Highly Sensitive Person Traits

31 Traits That Only a Highly Sensitive Person Can Really Relate To

Do you know what traits distinguish a highly sensitive person from the other people? This article presents a list of these traits that will help you determine whether you or your child are on.
Kalpana Kumari
Last Updated: Mar 5, 2018
The person who is highly sensitive has an innate trait of high sensitivity. There are some easily noticeable traits that can distinguish highly sensitive people, or HSP, from the regular ones. An HSP is creative, thoughtful, and very imaginative. Psychological professionals conduct a test to confirm whether an individual has this particular type of personality or not.
This test is known as the highly sensitive person test. It comprises a list of questions, the correct answers to all of which help a psychologist come to a conclusion. According to studies, 15-20% of the human population has a highly sensitive personality.
Noticeable Traits
  • Is able to perform deep processing of information.
  • Picks up subtle things while in the process of learning.
  • Is not able to learn well when over-aroused.
  • Is loyal, hardworking, and thoughtful.
  • Is good at doing tasks that need deep concentration and focus.
  • Is able to accomplish tasks with great accuracy, detail, and speed.
  • Is very painstaking.
  • Is good at fine motor movements.
  • Gets more affected by caffeine as compared to normal individuals.
  • Can stay still for a longer period of time than regular people.
  • Is creative and imaginative by nature.
  • Takes time to come out from the effect of some sort of stimulus.
  • Can understand human emotions deeper than other people.
  • Is better at finding and/or avoiding errors.
  • Does not give his best on being watched.
  • Works well when the situation is calm and relaxed. Dislikes pressure.
  • Tends to mix less with other people.
  • Prefers to feel and experience quietly by himself.
  • Is a great organizer. This is one of the most positive traits of an HSP.
  • Is caring and compassionate. This particular trait makes the company of such a person wonderful.
  • Is inclined towards spirituality.
  • Is blessed with an incredible aesthetic sense.
  • Is concerned for the environment.
  • Has a sense of appreciation for nature, art, and music.
  • Notices subtleties, like changes in a person's appearance or in some object's placement.
  • Performs well in the presence of known people.
  • Prefers to play quietly and by himself.
  • Asks deep and thought-provoking questions.
  • Gets easily disturbed by loud noise.
  • Reads the mind and mood of others.
  • Is able to notice the slightest unusual smell.
As is clear from the information given above on the traits of a highly sensitive person, the perception of things in the surrounding is significantly magnified by the time it reaches the brain in such people. Because of this, feelings and emotions experienced by an HSP are comparatively stronger. This is the reason that explains how highly sensitive people and depression are found to be associated. If you find your case to be similar, you must be looking for information on how to control your overt sentiments and emotions at times.
You may also display exaggeration of feelings sometimes. Therefore, you cannot control your emotions the way other people do. However, you can try to do so by trying out certain relaxation and calming techniques. You can take help of yoga and deep breathing techniques to cope with anxiety and stress. Leading a disciplined life with proper hours of sleep and relaxation will also help you.
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