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List of Words to Express Feelings

List of Words to Express Feelings
Have you ever wondered how many emotions are present in the human brain? Well, if you have, here's a list of words to express feelings that everyone experiences at least once in their lifetime.
Aparna Jadhav
Last Updated: May 31, 2018
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Scientific definition
Scientifically, emotion is defined as the mental state that rises spontaneously rather than through conscious effort, and is often accompanied by physiological changes. Emotions like pain, sorrow, happiness, love, jealousy, etc., are all representatives of the synthesis of subjective experiences.
Neurologically, emotions are pleasant and unpleasant mental states organized in the limbic system of the mammalian brain and are very unpredictable. They can be visible or noticeable through the body movements, gestures and expressions of a person. They are easily felt by other beings because of the similar states of mind.
There is a huge list of feelings that are developed by the mammalian brain as they cross our minds at least once throughout the lifetime.
List of Different Feelings
Nature has made the brain in a very unique pattern and has secrets that science is still trying to unfold. As the nervous system of every living being is woven in different ways, it's very hard to find out which nerve cells are responsible for which kinds of emotions.

Over the years, there have been numerous theories trying to put forth the mechanisms of the nervous system and the perfection of the networking pathways present between the forebrain and the spinal cord. While the scientists are busy trying to find out how and where all these emotions come from, take a look at a short list of feelings and emotions mentioned below.
Feelings and Emotions
A adored admired amused adventurous affectionate
aggressive anxiety accused agitated apprehensive
B beautiful befriended beloved blissful brilliant
bitter betrayed broken blue bored
C calm capable care charmed cheerful
cheapened criticized competitive clueless cowardly
D delightful deserving definite dramatic diplomatic
disorganized disappointed dumb dominated difficult
E easy efficient elegant energetic excited
egoistic envious evil exploited eccentric
F faithful friendly felicitous fortunate freedom
fearful forsaken ferocious frustrated fanatical
G gentle glad gleeful graceful glamorous
greedy guilty grief grumpy gray
H happy heroic humble honored hopeful
hatred hysterical helpless horrified humiliated
I imaginative important impressed innovative innocent
ignorant irritated irrational indifferent insulted
J jovial juiced jazzed jolly jumpy
jinxed jealous judgmental jeopardized jittery
K kind knowledgeable kidded known kindhearted
kept away kicked around knocked out knackered knotted
L laughable lifelike liberated love lucky
lethargic lazy lonely let down lost
M marvelous merry magical mischievous mellow
manipulated materialistic miserable mistreated misunderstood
N natural noble noticed needed neutral
nonexistent nasty negative neglected nervous
O obedient optimistic opportunistic overwhelmed orderly
obsessive offended overworked outrageous opinionated
P pretty perfectionistic pleasant passionate prosperous
paranoid pushed away panic petrified proud
Q qualified quiet quick quashed quiescent
quizzical quirky querulous quaint quixotic
R radiant ravished realistic reasonable reassured
revengeful ridiculed rage rude rowdy
S sacrificial sanctified satisfied selfless shy
scared shocked skeptical sarcastic selfish
T talented thoughtful talkative thrilled trusted
terrified threatened tired tortured trapped
U unaccepted unappreciated unburdened unpleasant unconcerned
unreal uplifted uncomfortable unknown useless
V vacant vague vain valued vexed
vicious victimized victorious violated vivid
W warmhearted warned wasted wary weak
wild willful wishful worthy wounded
Y and Z yearning yellow youthful zany zealous

As mentioned above, every feeling and emotion has some expression related to it. When we feel pain or sorrow, there is immediate signaling to our brain and there's spontaneous flow of tears. When we're happy about something, we cannot stop the smile from being visible.

Our mind plays games with us when we're confused and our expressions and eyes say it loud even if we don't verbally mention it. There can be several emotions which can be felt collectively within a group. It's funny, but sometimes words can make two people think of the same things and have the same feelings at the same time.
Depression is a very bad emotion or state of mind, as a person suffering from it can undergo terrible consequences. The mind keeps thinking about negative aspects of life and is afraid to experience all its pleasures.
Optimistic mindset
On the other hand, laughter is an emotion which can reduce or completely eradicate your negativity and replenish your views. As your brain controls your entire body, it can also heal a number of your illnesses. If you are psychologically disturbed due to some tensions, you can very easily get out of it by making a positive mindset or thinking in an optimistic manner.
In this way, emotions and feelings play very important roles in a person's life. Love, mischief, humor, excitement, fear, revenge and many more of the above mentioned emotions revolve around you every moment of the day.
With the above given list of feelings, I am sure you related to many of them. Emotions are an extremely personal aspect of one's life and respecting them is a moral responsibility. So, the next time you want to be mean to someone, think about how you would feel if you were in their shoes!
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