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Drug Rehab Facilities

These are the Facilities Found in Rehabs to Get People Off Drugs

To get rid of the life-threatening habit of using drugs, one should join a good drug rehab center. This article will help you to understand the steps followed by the rehab centers in order to get a person away from drug abuse, and what a person should look for when choosing such center.
Bhakti Satalkar
Last Updated: Jun 3, 2018
For a person to get addicted to drugs, there can be numerous reasons. People generally start consuming drugs to experience a feeling of euphoria or other reasons like peer pressure etc. There are others, who cannot cope up with personal loss and various kinds of pressures. For some, it is a status symbol to consume drugs or alcohol. But after a particular time, they are forced to get rid of this habit, either for health reasons or because of pressure from their near and dear ones, or just because they feel the need to give up the habit themselves.
Drug addiction is a menace to the society. People addicted to various substances, like alcohol, cocaine, nicotine, belong not only to the rich class of the society, but also to the lower and middle classes.
There are various steps for drug rehabilitation, which can help a person to get rid of this life-threatening habit. Normally these are the steps, which are followed in most of the rehab centers. The first step is de-addicting the person from the substance. At this stage, normally a doctor is consulted. There are patients, who have minor to major withdrawal symptoms. When major symptoms are seen, the patient has to be given a substitute to the drug, that he was consuming. In the United States, 'Buprenorphine' is a drug, which is approved as a mild opioid. So people who want to give up the habit of the stronger opiates may choose this milder option.
Normally the above step is followed by counseling sessions. These sessions can be family or individual counseling sessions, conducted by a counselor from the rehab center. In this the practitioner helps the individual to keep himself away from the drug, using various counseling methods. The counselor tries to keep the addict preoccupied with other tasks. At the same time, care should be taken, that the concerned individual does not have a relapse. There is always a family counseling session, so that the family is in a better position to deal with the person, in his de-addiction days. The family is also counseled to be more supportive to the individual.
The next step is the treatment program. Here, the main focus is to prevent relapses. These therapy sessions are available as indoor or outdoor patient programs. There are a lot of self help groups, who work in the field of de-addiction for alcohol and drug abuse as well. The methodology used by each one of them is different from the other.
When a person is in the stage of choosing a rehab, there are many factors which he takes into consideration.
  • The first thing which comes to his mind is, whether the center is the correct one for him.
  • If the medical help is going to be available day and night.
  • The qualification of the staff on duty also needs to be considered. The staff should be certified by the government.
  • The other important factor, which needs to be taken into consideration is the cost. There is always a possibility, that the cost may be exorbitant and whether the person will be able to afford it or not. People also check, if the cost includes the medicine and various other facilities provided by the rehabilitation center.
  • The success rate of the rehab facility in treating its patients is also an important factor.
  • Many people also check, if a relapse program is available.
There are drug rehab centers, which have holistic treatments, that cater to the physiological, emotional and spiritual needs of the individual. They help the individual with each of the problem area, he or she is facing. The families are also involved in the treatment.
There are also gender specific rehabilitation centers available. One of them is 'The Mark Houston Drug and Alcohol Recovery Center'. They have a minimum stay of 3 months duration. Ranch style homes are provided for the patients. This center also has a gymnasium, spiritual lawns and an area ear-marked for the family members. They also prescribe diet and exercise schedule for the inmates. This center also provides other value added sessions like sessions on finance, meditation etc..
When all the external parameters have been checked, it depends on the will of the individual to give up the habit. The stronger the internal will to quit, the easier it is for the person as well for the people helping the person, to remain dedicated to the cause. The main test starts after the person has returned from the drug rehabilitation center. Here the person has to exercise more self control. The moment he achieves it, the bad habit is left far behind.