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Interpretation of Dreams with Snakes Everywhere

The Good and Bad Interpretation of Dreams With Snakes Everywhere

Have you been watching snakes in your dreams these days? Do you want to know what it means? This Buzzle article will tell you all about the dream interpretation of snakes everywhere, which will help you associate its occurrence and its symbolism.
Shalu Bhatti
Last Updated: Jun 3, 2018
There are many dreams which we tend to see in our life. Out of these dreams, we hardly remember any, but there are some which can never be forgotten! Watching a snake in your dream can be one of the most frightening and disturbing experiences ever. I remember, there was a time when I always saw snakes in my dreams. One time, I saw that I was being chased by a huge black snake. I ran all around the neighborhood, but somehow the snake found me and bit me. I wasn't even over this horrible dream, that the next day I saw this: I was surrounded by snakes everywhere, and I was trying to struggle hard to save myself from being bitten again. I remember, although some snakes bit me, I did manage to kill a few of them. I was tired of these recurring dreams about snakes, and decided to do some research on it. Here is what I found out.
What Do Snakes in a Dream Mean
Snakes hold importance in various cultures and religions across the globe. Their symbol has been used in many different aspects among ancient cultures. For example, the Bible considers a serpent to be evil; on the other hand, Indians consider snake to be the symbol of Lord Shiva, who wears a cobra around his neck. This reptile is also one of the 12 Chinese zodiacs. According to the Chinese, a person born in the year of the snake possesses traits of being calm, gentle, and perceptive. The negative traits may include vanity and sloth. The Egyptians also wore a snake on their head. This represented royalty and sovereignty. The snake also indicated the third eye depicting that nothing can be hidden from the eyes of the one who wore it! This is the reason why the Pharaohs usually wore the snake symbol as the crown. All the aforementioned symbolism of the snake signifies that the meaning of your dream may vary from positive to negative. These are discussed as under.
Positive Symbolism
If your dream shows that a snake is shedding off its skin, this can indicate a positive aspect in your personal life. Apart from the evil aspects of the snake, this crawler also signifies rebirth and renewal. Watching a snake shedding its skin may indicate a renewed life, or a renewed form of living. It also means letting go of the past and starting a new life ahead.

To see that you are surrounded by a group of snakes, and you managed to kill them all in the end, signifies that although struggles, enemies, and worries may surround you, but you will conquer them in the end.

The snake is also the symbol of medicines and healthcare. To see the skin of the snake means that you will be protected from a disease or an illness. Watching a snake with two heads may signify cooperation and teamwork in your personal life.
Negative Symbolism
The snake is also a symbol of sexuality. If a snake tends to wrap itself around your body, or if the snake is always on your bed, then this may mean that you are being sexually tempted or threatened. If you are friendly with the snake, this means that you are seeking sexual fulfillment in your life. On the other hand, if you are afraid of the snake, this means that you are getting scared of commitment, intimacy, or sex.

Walking over snakes in your dreams signifies that you will be living under constant fear of betrayal and sickness. To step on the snakes, especially when you find yourself taking bath, signifies that trouble may follow you where you expected pure pleasure. Another commonly seen dream about snakes is that the snake coils around you and darts its tongue while looking at your eyes. This dream signifies that your enemies will harm you or overpower you. It may also mean that you will be attacked with illnesses.
After going through this information, I am sure you would be able to identify the meaning of your respective dream. As for me, I could somehow figure out what my dreams meant. The first dream that I saw, which was being chased by a snake and being bitten by it, meant that some enemy was trying to follow and harm me. The second dream meant that although I am being harmed by enemies, I will somehow manage to overcome them. I do believe that recurring dreams have a meaning, however, I also believe that dreams just act as warnings and not as final predictions. More than the power of dreams, I believe in the power of God. I look upon him as my ultimate savior and pray. As far as the outcome of the dream is concerned―nothing happened! :)