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Depression Symptoms in Teenagers

Depression Symptoms in Teenagers

Want to know the depression symptoms in teenagers? Well, this article will tell you all about them. Read on to know all the depression symptoms in teens and how they can vary depending upon the type of depression.
Neha Joshi
Before we read more on, and understand depression symptoms, let us take a look at depression in general without which understanding signs of teenage depression can be a little difficult. Most of us know what causes or leads to a situation where a person enters or starts experiencing depression. Life-threatening incidents, a huge emotional ordeal, denial and other such reliving horrible childhood experiences are just a few causes of depression and we have seen these in movies too if not read about them. Teenage depression symptoms differ from person to person and also depend on the type of depression. If you don't know this yet, there are different types of depression such as clinical depression and chronic depression. Though the symptoms for each are similar, the treatment might change depending on the same. Let us now proceed to the general list of signs of depression in teenage girls and boys. It is advisable to seek medical help if a person is doubted for any one of these symptoms of depression. Have a look!

List of Depression Symptoms in Teenagers

Sadness is a relative term, isn't it? As one of the most common depression symptoms, sadness means or rather can mean a lot of things. It can mean continuous or frequent crying depending upon the intensity and severity of depression in the teen. It can be a constant feeling of being lone and without support. A person may feel not loved and appreciated in this situation and is seldom seen smiling or laughing with people. It is a state of stress, hopelessness and restlessness.

Irritation Coupled with Anger
This is yet another depression symptom in teenagers that can be seen in many ways but one. Also one of the main manic depression symptoms, this can actually lead to many types of mood disorders. A teen experiences continuous irritation along with fits of anger, restlessness and a rebellious streak is ever present. Any one of the above mentioned symptoms can be experienced or all of them might be experienced together as well. Teens develop a tendency to get irritated with the smallest of issues and the most common and natural situations.

Social Withdrawal
Social withdrawal or loneliness is yet another teenage depression symptom. Usually, we see teens partying and having a huge social circle. But when depression hits, you will see this teens wanting to stay alone and away from family and friends. They will try to avoid all family dinners and gatherings while friendships will also take a backseat. Apart from this, they will try to end their social life completely by staying alone whenever and wherever they get a chance. So, if you see a teenager continuously staying to himself, and keeping to his room with few other visible depression symptoms, it is mostly what you think it is.

Lack of Interest
This is one of the most initial depression symptoms. Initially teenagers start losing interest in their day-to-day activities. They don't like the whole routine aspect of things anymore. While some give up on watching their favorite TV shows or the sort, the others give up on hobbies such as practicing music or maybe just playing a sport. Some teenagers just lose complete interest in living life. They take each day as it comes and deal with it only by existing, not living. This is also one of the common depression symptoms in men where some also leave their jobs.

Fluctuations in Eating and Sleeping Habits
Also one of the clinical depression symptoms, this is one of the most visible symptoms. Teenagers suddenly start eating and sleeping a lot more or a lot less while experiencing depression. This is also one of the bipolar depression symptoms. This is the reason for sudden weight loss or weight gain during depression. We have seen this as one of the symptoms of depression in teenagers in movies too. Some teenagers might sleep a lot, even during the day while some might suffer from insomnia a lot.

Negative Thoughts
These are common depression symptoms in men, women and teenagers. A person suddenly starts thinking completely negative while experiencing depression. It's a state where the mind cannot, or fails to see the bright side of things. A constant state of worthlessness and hopelessness exists. A lot of people contemplate suicide and running away from home as well. They give up complete hope of anything good happening to them.

Fatigue is a depression symptom that can be detected really easily. The fatigue we talk about here is constant and without any other activity to tire you. Fatigue in this case is basically a state of no enthusiasm and zest in life coupled with a few headaches and body aches here and there. This is one of the most recognizable and common depression symptoms in teenage girls.

Lack of Concentration
Lack of concentration is yet another depression symptom wherein the other factors lead to this state. Lack of interest in daily activities and the constant state of hopelessness and worthlessness gives rise to lack of concentration in the most common situations. Teenagers in this state are often caught off guard most times or always have a look of surprise when you ask them something. They find it difficult to concentrate on one thing or situation for a long time.

Now that you know these depression symptoms in teenagers, it'll be easier for you to recognize the same. Remember that signs and symptoms of depression differ from person to person. It is always advised to treat depression as early as possible through depression counseling or depression medication, before the intensity and the severity increases to a level where it gets life-threatening. Hope this information on the teenage depression symptoms proved helpful to you.