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Why Do Women Actually Apologize More Often Than Men?

Why Do Women Apologize More Often Than Men?
Have you ever observed that women tend to say sorry for the stupidest thing ever? Yes, women do apologize more than men, and researchers have found out behavioral patterns that unlock the reason behind this psychology.
Neha B Deshpande
Last Updated: Mar 12, 2018
The leading hair care brand Pantene's Ad in 2014, a part of their #shinestrong campaign, became quite a rage, when the Ad portrayed women apologizing for unnecessary things. It asked women to shun the habit and speak up without feeling guilty.
"Oops, sorry, can I borrow your chair?"
"Oh yeah, I am so sorry I kept my purse on it. You can have it."

I observed the conversation of two women at a public eating joint. These two women were busy feeling sorry for a nonsense reason, that did not deserve any sorry in the first place. Still, both were feeling guilty. In everyday life, we observe women saying sorry so many times, and, on the other hand, we do not observe a similar trend with men.
Why Women Say Sorry More Than Men
Research states that women tend to take offense more severely than men, hence they apologize more.
Research by Karina Schumann at University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada
In an experiment, the university students were asked to rate a particular offense, of waking their friend up in the middle of the night, due to which the friend got a few hours of sleep before an interview that he was supposed to attend. Women scaled the offense as more 'severe', than men. In fact, it is not that men are not willing to apologize for the mistakes conducted by them, but they're simply less sensitive to any wrongdoing against them.

In the research, it was found out that, women think there are more situations that demand an apology, than men.
Conclusion of the Experiment
✦ The two genders think differently while gauging the repercussions of any action. Women tend to take offense more severely than men, hence, they apologize more than the men. Women thinking that they are involved in some wrongdoing is more likely than a man thinking so. Women tend to feel guilty for the silliest of the things. On the other hand, men don't take offense that severely, hence, in their case, saying sorry happens in fewer cases.

✦ Obviously, the clear difference lies in the fact that, both men and women think differently. Well, men, the next time you think why women in your personal and professional life keep saying sorry, it implies that they demand an apology for the things which you do not deem to evoke an apology. That explains probably, when women get mad at them, men do not understand why.

✦ Usually, with their buddies, men will expect things to be taken with a pinch of salt, and do not think that a sorry is needed for every occasion or a small mistake. In fact, they do not expect the same from their friends either, and might think saying too much sorry is superfluous in nature. They strictly follow the rule "Good Mates Never Say Sorry to Each Other."

✦ Women, on the other hand, are expected to be more polite. A female boss who speaks firmly is sometimes said to be overtly bossy. However, saying too much sorry also has a negative impact on their career life, and their subordinates might take them for granted.

✦ Women usually put themselves under a lot of pressure so that they do not upset anyone, and if they do so, they feel awful and guilty about it. For example, canceling a plan at the last minute even due to a genuine reason makes them feel terribly guilty.
The Curse of the Good Girl by Rachel Simmons
This book is an eye-opener for all those young women out there who subdue themselves to being the good girl always. Most women are under pressure of behaving 'good', that often unknowingly teaches them to suppress their opinions, and not to speak anything that displeases others.
However, there seems to be mixed reviews about whether saying sorry is a bad thing in the first place. It is okay to apologize for a wrong-doing, yet, women are usually expected to be more courteous. This impending pressure probably tricks them psychologically, and they end up saying sorry for silly things. Moreover, is it possible for women to stop taking offense so seriously? Till then, men will never know what pisses off their women counterparts so much. And women, just because you think something is worthy an apology, does not mean that men think that they owe one to you. You've to tell them that you felt wronged about their action. Whatever the case may be, the bottom line is, ladies, you need to keep track of your sorries.