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Take This Quiz to Find Out What Type of Personality You Have

Shashank Nakate Oct 28, 2018
Here are some questions to understand what type of person are you. Attempt these questions and try to find the real you, which will offer you a satisfactory life.
In our tremendously busy schedule, there is one thing that we all (at least most of us) relentlessly pursue; and that is the quest of finding - what is our true self? What kind of personality do we have? A search for oneself, the exterior you as showcased to the world and another you, known to yourself has been a matter of immense interest over the ages.
Finding out about yourself gives you a renewed sense of self-acceptance, and builds your confidence. You can feel proud of your assets, and find ways to overcome your vices.

Types of Personality

Human beings have been classified in a large number of personality types by various researchers. The most profound and precise classification in my opinion is the one that is based on the work of renowned author Carl Jung.
It involves classifying people into either one of the properties in the following 4 types:
  • Introvert/extrovert (I/E)
  • Sensing/intuition (S/N)
  • Feeling/thinking (F/T)
  • Judging/Perceiving (J/P)
Choosing one letter from each group leaves you with a combination of 4 types, which in turn, defines 16 possibilities of what type of person you are. That being a broader classification, we can also consider just four personality types to categorize people. Here's a short quiz to understand more about yourself.
The 4 types of personality are mentioned at the end of the quiz. Do not cheat, and answer honestly, if you possess the courage to know your true self. Note down your choices as A/B/C/D/E on a piece of paper. So, get ready for this personality test to know more about yourself.

What Type of Person Am I - Quiz

The following question/answer session should be enjoyable. One should be able to know more about his/her personality through the quiz presented further.

You are popularly known as...

A. Queen bee/the dude
B. Girl/boy next door
C. A sweet friend
D. The hip n cool one
E. Popular? What's that?
You like to sport...

A. Something that's IN!
B. Anything that comes to my hand
C. Jeans and tees
D. Leather jackets and bandannas
E. Turtle necks in deep colors
The most important person in your life is...

A. My boyfriend/girlfriend
B. My family
C. All my friends and family
D. The popular crowd
E. My ex
Most of your clothes are...

A. PINK!!!!!!!!
B. Whatever... doesn't really matter
C. Happy and bright
D. Red, gold, shining stuff...
E. Gray or black

You have a pet...

A. Chihuahua
B. None
C. A birdie
D. A rot
E. A snake

Your Type

For maximum number of A's

Your Result: You are popular but vain.
You're always feeling on top of the world. You are a little vain, and get jealous more often than you'd ever admit to. You have one helluva friend circle, but most of them are shallow, and don't care much about you.

For maximum number of B's

Your Result: You are easy-going, but directionless.
Go with the flow is your strategy for life. You have no aim, no drive, no particular opinion. You are a harmless fellow, who believes in live and let live. However, you need to take a stand somewhere at some point of time.

For maximum number of C's

Your Result: You are a sweetheart.
You have a few friends, but they are very dear to you. You care a lot about your family. There are many times when you put your own needs on the backseat to make others happy. Keep the good work going, and do make it a point to give enough importance to yourself too. You are truly special and rare.

For maximum number of D's

Your Result: You are a rock-star, but extremist
Linkin park and Green Day are your favorite bands. Music is your life and your passion. You are a little showy, and believe that you are a cut above the rest. Your behavior is always unpredictable and extreme to others, but you definitely know what you are doing.

For maximum number of E's

Your Result: You are a Goth/Emo
Negativity is running in your veins and loneliness knows you by name. You indulge in dark, gross stuff, and you haven't seen sunlight for a while. Go get a life!