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What Is Coulrophobia

Azmin Taraporewala May 6, 2019
Coulrophobia is a term that has found an identity in the recent past. In order to know about this type of phobia, browse through this write-up that elucidates the meaning of coulrophobia, its causes, symptoms and treatment.
Coulrophobia is a form of an uncanny phobia of clowns. Surprised and shocked? Well, don't be. Ironically, phobias, in the actual, are all about fears, irrational for those who don't have them and rational for those who endure them. The term coulrophobia has its roots in the Greek language.
Coulro or koulon in the Greek language denotes limbs, this being a Greek term for all those who used stilts, and stilts are used by clowns and performers in circuses. People who are afflicted with the fear of clowns are referred to as coulrophobes. Coulrophobia attributes its emergence factor to the evil intent that clowns are portrayed with.
A constant reference to serial killers and blood suckers / seekers have made the clown clan a detestable one. When the famous Batman villain emerged and portrayed his true colors, the term clown had metamorphosed itself into an entity with devilish subjugation.

What Causes Coulrophobia

Well, there are no scientific or medical causes that are associated with the phobia of clowns. However, when we concentrate on the causes of coulrophobia, we derive that the physiological makeup of the clown, triggers a type of fear in the psyche. 
Exaggerated makeup, dark painted smiles and faces, a red nose resembling a blob, and a weird, scary color of the hair, are some features of the clown that make a child refrain from the sight of clowns.
There are some people who have a constant fear when they behold the sight of Santa during Christmas season! Yes, this is a very dicey yet uncanny coulrophobia fact to behold.

Coulrophobia Symptoms

  • When loud makeup and eerie smiles are much more than creepy and get on your nerves, give you cold feet and palpitations, it is a sign that you are suffering from coulrophobia.
  • It is important for one to understand that your loved one is going through insurmountable stomach pains, nausea, sweaty palms, palpitations, a panic attack, and a feeling of terror making you feel worse.
  • When someone takes all the steps to avoid the sight of a clown, and if they do, they would make a hue and cry about the entire situation, struck with panic and frustration.
  • If there are any traumatic experiences that the individual has faced during childhood, there are chances that coulrophobia can be the prime phobia nailed in one's mind.
  • For people who are afflicted with this fear of clowns, this is a true fear for them. They feel that there is some scheme that is leaning slyly behind those painted lips and a pasted smile. They also feel that the clown has the potential to kill someone and harm an individual out of sheer blood reeking attitude that the clown constitutes.

Coulrophobia Treatment Options

There are certain treatment alternatives that you could resort to, in order to treat coulrophobia.

➤ Coulrophobia treatment includes an individual going through therapies such as acupuncture, hypnotherapy, practicing yoga and meditation on a regular basis.
➤ In severe cases, the consultant psychotherapist prescribes anti-anxiety drugs to relax the nerves and make him less prone to panic attacks.

➤ Therapist can recommend a session that involves a technique called free association. In free association, the individual is supposed to say all that comes to his mind, without sifting or filtering the content.
He must not feel embarrassed and should be comfortable when speaking to the therapist. This therapy will help an individual to let out causes of this particular fear in the form of instances that he has in store to narrate. This method will aid the individual to get rid of this weird phobia.
➤ Another type of treatment is referred to as exposure treatment, where the coulrophobe is exposed to a real clown. In this process, the individual learns to erode fear from the mind and relax when seeing the clown.
Coulrophobia may be an irrational fear for you, but for the one you love, this, indeed, is an unpleasant reality. So remember, if your loved one has this phobia that escalates as time lapses, an expert consult is a must.