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The Top 10 Recurring Dreams That People Have

Sheetal Mandora Apr 17, 2019
What are the top 10 recurring dreams people have around the world? Do you have any recurring dreams? Find all your answers here...

Reasons Behind a Recurrence

Many a time, we miss out on something important; perhaps an incident or event that has had a profound impact on us. No matter what the feelings towards this incident may be, our subconscious mind tries to pass along this essential message to our conscious mind.
So, till the time we figure out what the reason or cause of this recurring dream(s) is, you're mostly likely to experience them. Hence, regardless of how old you are, and what phase of life you may be in, these dreams will make their existence felt. Such is the psychology of dreams.

Dreams that Won't Leave Us Alone

While trying to decipher dreams, many psychologists and dream analysts agree that many people seem to experience similar dreams. This theory has been proven through various studies and extensive research. Following are some of the most common dreams a person can have.

I'm being Chased

The number one dream that many of us have is being chased by someone. Many a time, people experience this dream, getting the feeling that someone is chasing them, or they are trying to run away from something.
This usually means that in your life, you are either trying to run away from something/someone or are hiding out to avoid facing a situation. This could be anything from a conflict to tragic incident to a disturbing memory. Since you are making an effort to forget about it, or already have suppressed it, your subconscious mind is awakening those feelings.

I'm Falling

This is one dream that almost everyone has had at least once during one phase of their life. The dream interpretation here means that you, or your life, is spinning out of control.
Whatever control you had over your life is slipping away, and you feel as if the rug is being pulled from underneath you. As mentioned before, the dreams are many a time directly related to our personal life and the choices we make in them.

I'm Lost

This dream touches a variety of scenarios. These scenarios can be that you can't find your way home or to office, late for a meeting or a particular destination, can't get through a locked door, etc.
Even though all these dreams may touch a different subject or interpretation, they are triggering towards a common issue - of being lost or unprepared for something in life. The point is, being lost or experiencing the notion of being unprepared is quite possible for most of us.

I'm Naked

This next one is again one of the most common dreams (which is why it's mentioned here). Being naked or public exposure is an embarrassing one.
If you've ever had this dream, you'll know how it feels. Even during the dream, the desire to hide or cover yourself up is the strongest (but not possible). This dream means that you are scared of being exposed in real life about something that you may be hiding from everyone. Or perhaps, you are afraid of disclosing things about who you are in reality.

My Teeth Are Falling

The dream about "teeth falling out" means that you are insecure about your looks. Perhaps you are getting older and feel that you may not look as attractive as you used to. Smiling with those pearly-white teeth signifies beauty and when you have dreams about losing your teeth, it generally awakens fear and anxiety.

I'm in Slow Motion

Many people experience this dream during their teenage. In your dreams, if you are moving in slow motion, it usually means that in your life, there are some obstacles that are in your way. You wish to move, walk, run, or go forward but your feet just won't move or are taking a long time to take you from one place to another.

I'm Flying

On our list, flying dreams also makes an appearance. If you have such dreams, then this could mean a positive thing. Flying signifies freedom. This freedom could be while expressing yourself, being creative in a particular field, or even being successful in something impossible.

I'm Wet

These dreams have something to do with water. These dreams don't necessarily repeat themselves, but the theme is similar―water.
You might feel that you are drowning, are stuck in a flood and the water is trying to rise up, or you're in the ocean and the large waves are approaching you. This dream means that due to a particular incident in your life, you are quite overwhelmed with it or are feeling helpless because of it; things may be getting out of control, or out of your hands.

I Need to Use the Restroom

The need to use the restroom in your dream means you need a bathroom break in real life. Apart from this obvious reason, there are of course other interpretations.
Let's say you dream about the need to use the restroom/public bathroom, you're standing in the line, and when your turn comes, the stalls magically disappear. Now in this case, the dream signifies that you are frustrated about not getting enough privacy.

I'm Trapped

We have the dream about being trapped or locked somewhere. This could be a room, box, locker, or any other location.
The obvious interpretation here is that you are feeling claustrophobic in real life. This dream can be triggered due to a personal or professional decision you made, you are not living the lifestyle you wished or hope for, or perhaps there are some monetary debts you need to take care of.
These dreams can be a reflection of our real-life incidents and they can give us immense insight on what needs to be taken care of. So, if you believe that certain incidents are the pertaining factors for your dreams, you can make a conscious effort to work on them and break yourself from this cycle.