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9 Things One Should Never Say to People With Bipolar Disorder

9 Things Never to Say to People with Bipolar Disorder
Bipolar disorder is a mental illness which causes sudden swings in the mood of a person suffering from it. This person experiences episodes of elevated moods and depression. These swings are far more serious than regular mood swings, and can even cost the person his or her life. There are some things we should never say to someone who has bipolar disorder.
Meghna Tongiya
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018
You are bipolar
This is the most inhuman thing you could ever say to a person with bipolar disorder. Bipolar is something that happens to a person, and not something that a person is. When we don't address a person who has diabetes as "You are diabetes", then why address someone with bipolar as "You are bipolar"?
You have the same problem as my
"So you have the same problem like Carrie Fisher?" People with bipolar disorder usually get to hear this. If not this comparison, then people compare them with their distant cousins or relatives, saying, "You know my sister from Virginia has the same problem". These individuals don't want you to draw a comparison between them and others like them. This only makes them feel worse.
I know how you feel
This sentence is enough to trigger the moods of someone suffering from bipolar disorder. It doesn't make them feel any better, because they know, until and unless you suffer from the same thing, you'll never know how they actually feel.
I feel bad for you
Something that should not be said to both, men and women suffering from bipolar disorder. By saying this, you are making them feel bad for themselves.
You are dragging me down with you
You are only making that person feel more miserable. Never say this, because this only makes the bipolar sufferer believe that he/she is a burden. If you can't be with them, the best choice would be to leave them alone.
Did you ever try to kill yourself
Never ask this question to a person who is suffering from bipolar. Statistics show that, most suicides are committed by people having bipolar disorder. By asking this, you are just adding fuel to the fire.
You are crazy
Not just to people with bipolar disorder, this is something which shouldn't be said to any person with any type of mental illness.
Are you cured
Bipolar disorder cannot be cured. It can only be stabilized, but not cured. This is something that should be understood and avoided, so that the emotions of the person suffering from the disease are not infuriated.
It's not a real disease
"It's not a real disease". It is as real a disease, just like cancer or tuberculosis. Don't hurt the bipolar victim by saying that their suffering isn't real. They need you to support and understand them, and not tell them that they are fake, and their disease is not a real one.