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The Science of Mind Control

Buzzle Staff Jan 1, 2019
Mind control is a process that has evolved as a survival mechanism for the group. It requires higher level thinking. Read on to know more.
To understand the process of mind control it is necessary to have a basic understanding of the human mind.
People make decisions on every level in a way that is unique to each of them. Those decisions are based on mental filters that are used to perceive the self and its environment. These filters are best understood in the form of questions that people ask themselves.
Keep in mind that these questions are asked unconsciously therefore people are unaware of them, but they can be deduced by a person's behavior and the way they react to events.

Where it is Used

Here is a list of how mind control is used in everyday life:
  • Motivating a child to eagerly perform better in school.
  • Creating obedience to a religious of political figure.
  • Creating a feeling of superiority towards one group.
  • Motivating a prospect to buy a specific product or service.
  • Creating panic to sell a certain stock.
  • Instilling trust in the authority that is speaking to you on the television.
  • Creating contempt for the competition while establishing greater customer loyalty.
  • Bringing in greater revenues.
  • Bringing an attractive person into a romantic or sexual encounter.
  • Selling an undervalued product for a higher price.
  • Talking a cop out of a traffic ticket.
  • Making a spectator believe in psych abilities.
  • Causing someone to reevaluate their prior beliefs.
It is safe to say that any time you want something that involves motivating someone to do something or when people do something without questioning why they are doing it some form of mind Control is involved, whether it is intentional or not. So we are using mind Control all the time.
Even the act of having your partner take out the garbage could not happen without some form of setup, conditioning and control over the mind. If you doubt it ask a stranger to take out your garbage and see what kind of compliance you get.
It requires thinking on a higher level than the subject and veiling the strings of control with the everyday distractions of daily life. As one seeks to control the higher levels of a hierarchy of power something interesting occurs. The visibility of the control becomes less obvious to the subject as they become more involved with their day-to-day concerns.
Once you realize the depth of mind control in your life your only option, outside of paranoia, is calm, almost Buddha-like attainment that recognizes its ubiquitous presence and to set out to use it to your advantage.
While this mindset can be encouraged, no one can teach it. Only through patience, effort and a little suffering can you gain this invaluable perspective.


Mind Control is a process that has evolved as a survival mechanism for the group. In other words, if the group could stay together in an effective way they would have a better chance of collectively surviving what the world throws at them.
If one person did not confirm in thought and behavior to the group norm they could threaten the groups' survival. They further learned that by influencing others outside the clan in certain ways they could prevent attacks.
Keep in mind that while most of us value and tout the virtues of freedom and personal independence these are new concepts when compared to the long span of human history. It has been the rule not the exception.


If this has not frightened you and you have, in fact, managed to read this far, there are only a few other things that will experience if you continue to study it.
  • Mind Control becomes an obsession, or at least a sincere interest. It will be one of those things you will want to constantly test and master.
  • Power is a tool, nothing more.