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The Influence Of Physic On Our Mood

Physic may influence the psychic under some circumstances. Scientists have discovered some substances implied in this process. What are those substances, let's find out.
Claudia Miclaus Apr 29, 2019
The main reasons for sadness are certainly the psychical ones. Psychic influences the physic but we should not forget the reverse, that also the physic can influence the psychic.
Everybody knows the uncomfortable feeling after a long pause of sport exercises, the feeling of sadness after an entire day spent in a dark room, the lifeless caused by the lack of a meal, the joy after a delicious chocolate and a walk in the park. So, what is happening with our body when we are under these circumstances?
Medicine has developed and in the late years scientists have discovered amazing things and mechanisms about our organism. Researchers have found that in our body there are some substances that give us a good feeling.
They are called hormones and are produced by the organism itself, or, when they are missing they may be temporary replaced by drugs that contain them (administrated in a long period of time they cause dependence).

These substances are: dopamine, serotonin and endorphins.


Dopamine is one of the main neurotransmitters in the nervous system. Scientists have studied the effects of dopamine on the human psychic and they discovered that a high level of dopamine is associated with good mood, pleasure and motivation for future events, therefore it helps us making decisions.
A low level of dopamine induces depression (or, in some cases depression induces a low level of dopamine), hypo-activity, and difficulty in taking decisions.
Parkinson disease (it may be present at people over fifty five and is confirmed by the typical signs: no facial expressiveness, walking disorders, slow winking) is also caused by the lack of dopamine or by the lock of dopamine receptors.


Serotonin is an important neurotransmitter in the central nervous system. An optimal level of serotonin helps us to be patient, calm, sociable and flexible. A low level of serotonin leads to depression, hyperactivity, anxiety, sleep disorders, psychological instability and bulimia.
Studies have shown that man's brain cells produce about fifty percent more serotonin than women's, fact partially explained by the fluctuation of progesterone and estrogen (main hormone in women necessary for menstruation and reproduction).
When the level of estrogen is low (in menstrual period, after birth and before menopause) the level of serotonin may also lower. But not all women are affected by these hormonal fluctuations.

Happily there are some things that can increase the concentration of this hormone in our blood:
a) Sport - is an efficient stress reliever and improves blood circulation to the brain.

b) Keeping a healthy diet which includes vegetable proteins and excludes sugar, alcohol, caffeine and heavy meals is also helpful.
c) St John's wort - is a yellow-flowering plant that is efficient in temporary depressions caused by the seasons change. Daily teas of St John's wort help to reduce the stress and it increases the capability of dreaming during the night sleep. It has no secondary effects.
d) Vitamin B - is efficient in maintaining a good level of serotonin. We can supply our body with vitamin B by including in our diet: yeast, wheat, wheat germ, dairy products, dried beans and so on.


Endorphin is a substance produced by the central nervous system. This hormone reduces the intensity of pain and the anxiety, stimulates the immune system and is implied in the process of learning and light adaptation.

The secretion of endorphin is stimulated in the following situations:
a) In the presence of a bright light. Isn't it true that a relaxing walk in sunny day can lift up our mood?

b) When we eat chocolate (well-known example, pepper) in depression or somnolence, we may feel the need to eat something sweet and consistent because the organism needs fat and sugar in production of this hormone.
c) In physical exercises. When the organism is subjected to extreme efforts (like sports performance, running till we're out of breath) a high level of endorphin is liberated into the blood and it gives a pleasant feeling. Some athletes become dependent of this condition, which is a quite healthy dependence.
d) When we laugh. Studies have shown that the perception of pain is significantly lowered after a healthy laughter.
In conclusion, in order to be healthy and happy we must not forget about what our body needs and try to live a balanced life with daily sport and a good diet plus a lot of laughter!