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Dream Interpretation of Teeth Falling Out

You may've dreamt that your teeth fell out and woken up with a fright. Let's see some probable reasons.
Girija Shinde Oct 27, 2018
Dreams are a wonderful part of sleep, a place where anything and everything is possible. However, when these dreams turn into nightmares, there is nothing wonderful about it. Teeth falling out is one such nightmare.
It is said that every dream has some meaning, and if you're dreaming of your teeth falling out, that too means something. First, it is important to know why we dream, after which it is possible to interpret them.

Reasons for Dreaming

There are five stages of sleep, which form a sleep cycle. All the stages are repeated four to five times each night. The fifth stage of sleep is called REM, i.e. Rapid Eye Movement, which lasts from fifteen to forty minutes. During the REM stage, there is rapid movement of the eyeballs, which is said to cause dreams.
Another theory of the causes of dreams is the Freudian theory. Sigmund Freud, who is regarded as the father of psychology, stated that human beings have two states of mind, one is the conscious state and the other is the unconscious state.
The things which are difficult for the conscious mind to accept, are pushed into the unconscious mind, subconsciously. According to Freud, dreams are a vent for these repressed feelings. So, dreams of teeth falling out must also have some meaning. Some interpretations are listed here.

Becoming Old

The most logical interpretation of this dream is the fear of becoming old. One tends to ignore that feeling, but when one ignores it, it gets suppressed into the unconscious mind. The unconscious mind tries to give a vent to that feeling through a dream.
After childhood, falling out of teeth happens only in old age. This means that you are worrying too much about getting old, and you need to relax and give your mind some rest.


The fear of being unattractive is a major fear everyone faces at some point of time in their life. Teeth play a vital role in attractiveness, as a smiling person always looks attractive and are a crucial part of a beautiful smile. So, at the bottom of your heart, when you are scared of turning unattractive, you are likely to see yourself toothless in dreams.

Loss of Power

Another interpretation is the feeling of loss of power. When one feels helpless, he/she is unable to voice his/her opinion or is being made a scapegoat, one gets the feeling of loss of power. Without teeth, eating would be almost impossible. So, in a way, they symbolize power, and falling of teeth symbolizes loss of power.


According to a recent research, women who are nearing menopause have this dream of their teeth falling out. The reason is, when a woman is nearing menopause, she feels she is going lose her femininity and attractiveness.
Women also have the fear of getting old, which becomes more prominent during menopause. Since teeth are regarded as a symbol of power and attractiveness, menopausal women can have this dream.
These were some interpretations of your dream. There are some other interpretations as well, but they cannot be justified logically. For example, in Greek culture, it is said that if a family member is extremely sick, you have this dream. In another belief, this dream means that you are going to get money.
This belief is based on the tooth fairy story, wherein a fallen tooth, which is kept under the pillow, is supposed to bring a lot of money. So, do not get scared if you see yourself toothless in a dream. To stop it from recurring, you should face your feelings of inadequacy when you are awake so that they don't haunt you when you are asleep.