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Comprehending the Varied Interpretations of Pregnancy Dreams

Sheetal Mandora Nov 24, 2018
For any woman, dreaming about being pregnant can bring a wave of emotions. Read this information for the pregnancy dream interpretations, and seek the answers.
If you turn around and ask your family, friends, or even strangers, about the psychology of dreams or what are dreams, you're bound to get varied answers. Some may even provide the literal, textbook interpretations. But no matter what the answers are, we know that dreams can be real bizarre at times.
Dreams hold a substantial value in our lives, and their mere appearance can bring a mountain of emotions through our minds. Everyone gets different dreams―about snakes, airplanes crashing, animals, birds, traveling, etc.
Some dreams can bring peace of mind, whereas others have the power to change the way we think, behave, and act. One such dream is related to being pregnant. Many women encounter various kinds of dreams related to pregnancy. But what is the meaning behind such dreams? Can we pinpoint as to what this dream is trying to tell that individual? Let's find out.

What Does it All Mean?

The exact meaning of dreams, especially pregnancy dreams, will vary from person to person. An individual's life experiences, beliefs, choices, and needs play an important role in figuring out its significance. Hence, a person has to rely on intuition, along with possible interpretations, and understand what these visions in the dreams mean.

If you dream that you are pregnant.

This is a common recurring dream, where a woman dreams that she is pregnant. Most of the time, this dream is accompanied by fear which reflects the woman's actual feelings toward getting pregnant.
Our body plays an important role here, where it is trying to give us an indication on something that is about to happen. Although, when it comes to this dream's interpretation, it can be concluded that this is more of a psychological condition, rather than physical.
Being pregnant in a dream sometimes, reflects toward a new and different direction or growth in a person's life; finding new opportunities.

If you are pregnant at the moment.

How should you interpret this kind of dream when you are already pregnant? When a woman is pregnant at the time she gets these dreams, this again is a psychological condition.
During this time, a woman feels the most vulnerable, and is concerned about her unborn child's health and safety. Usually accompanied with worry, the dream interpretation while you're pregnant conveys your emotional vulnerability at that moment.

If you dream that your baby is dying.

Nothing can be more disturbing than a woman dreaming about an unborn child's death. But there has to be some kind of meaning behind it. This type of dream indicates that a particular project is not getting completed, or is failing. When things in your personal life don't go according to plan, and are starting to deteriorate, a woman can have such a dream.
Many women, being afraid of getting pregnant in real life incline to dream about it. Women who are actually pregnant find out about it through their dreams. Our mind is a wonderful gift that has superb powers and can deliver messages to us even when we are not conscious. But this shouldn't be a reason for panic.
Having dreams on pregnancy does mean that you may get pregnant, but that is not for all. This works as a good luck charm for many, who are looking for an advancement in their lives. (Even men can get such dreams. Not necessarily that they are pregnant, but their girlfriends or wives are. This could be a warning about their behavior towards casual sex).
Disclaimer: This is for informational purposes only. These interpretations are not supposed to replace any advice provided by an expert on the subject.