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Explaining the Correlation Between Your Personality and Health

Shalaka Bhosale Nov 18, 2018
Our behavior, reactions to events, the emotions we express, and our temperament is all driven by our personality. There is a correlation between health and the way we relate with sentiments, people, and events. Let's see different types of personalities and how each has an effect on a person's health.
Not only does your personality affect the medical conditions you are likely to experience, but it also determines how you respond to treatments. An optimist will respond to the same treatment in a different way than a pessimist.

The Optimist

An optimist or a positive thinker is someone who sees barriers as opportunities, and challenges as ways to develop himself. A positive outlook towards life not only increases life expectancy, but it also keeps a person happy and healthy.
An optimistic attitude gears people towards being open-minded. This in turn helps in finding ways of recovering faster from illnesses or disturbing events.

The Pessimist

This attitude leads to poor health and depression. There is a slight advantage to having such an attitude when it comes to dealing with long-term sickness. 
Pessimistic individuals are more likely to be able to accept illness with the consolation that improvement cannot be expected and nobody can help their condition. This type of personality prohibits one to take control of their lives, emotions, and health.
Individuals with such personalities should try to be more open and expressive of their feelings with people they are comfortable with and who are mature enough to guide them in the right direction.

The Doubting Thomas

Individuals with a doubting attitude tend to have closed minds and fixed ideas about things. 
Such individuals generally approach a situation in a negative manner. A doubting personality leads to increased health risks as it induces a lot of unnecessary stress and strain on a daily basis. This negative trait should be replaced with a positive frame of mind in order to remain healthy.

The Type As

Type As are people who cannot be unoccupied. They are extremely competitive and high-spirited by nature; they are hard-working and expect a lot out of themselves. 
Such individuals prefer to live in the fast lane, they are quite adventurous and prefer multitasking. People with a Type A personalty are prone to high levels of stress. Impatience, and their temperament increase the risk of conditions such as heart disease.
It is important for Type As to take some time for themselves to relax and express their feelings with people they are at ease with.

The Submissive Person

A submissive person is generally someone who takes life as it comes. Such a person does not have too many ambitions in life, is introverted, and does not expect much from himself.
Individuals with such a personality are not at all adventurous and let incidences control their lives. A submissive person is thus more likely to come down with a chronic illness, such as arthritis. Anyone with this kind of personality needs to make an effort to be more bold and sociable for their health.
List down the pros and cons of your personality, and how each benefits and/or affects your health. It is extremely difficult to change your personality, but try to find alternatives that suit you, and will help your health in the long run. Try to maintain an outlook that will boost your health and also prolong your life.