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Overcoming Fear of Rejection

Omkar Phatak Feb 28, 2019
As everyone realizes at some point of time, overcoming fear of rejection in relationships, is important, if you want to give yourself an opportunity to be happy. Here are some practical tips.
For everything you want in life, you have to make an effort, including happiness. Same is the case with overcoming fear of rejection in any sphere of life. If you do not venture out of your cocoon, if you don't muster the courage to ask a guy or a girl out, you are going to die alone.

Some Helpful Tips

Fear is an obstacle which blocks new experiences and possible futures. Each time you submit to fear, its hold on you gets stronger until succumbing to fear is a habit. The way to overcome it, is to face it, instead of running away from it.

Look Within and Explore What is Holding You Back

The first thing to do is examine what is holding you back from meeting new prospects and dating. What is the source of your fear? Is it a past relationship debacle? Is it just your shyness? To overcome any fear, you must first get to its source. Whatever reason it is, it has adversely affected your self image and your opinion about yourself.
Handling rejection in relationships is a part of growing up, which every one of us must go through. It's time to reinvent that self image. You are not what others think about you. You are who you think you are. There is a subtle but essential difference between the two things. Understand it and see all that is positive in you. Thinking positively is the key.

Open Up Your Mind

In our mind, there are superpositions of multiple biases or prejudices, imprinted over time, through experiences and misconceptions, that warp and distort reality at times. They warp our view of the world and close down, a once open mind. Stop letting the biases about past relationships hold you back, from venturing into a new one.
Just because one relationship failed, doesn't mean every one of the future ones is doomed. There are always possibilities, if you keep your mind open to possible futures.

Without Risks, There are No Gains

Remember guys, there are no gains without risks. What can happen in the worst scenario, if you ask a girl out? She may refuse. That's all that can happen, at the most.
When a girl rejects you, without even knowing you, it cannot even be classified as a rejection. That is because, she has not even gotten to know you. It's her bad luck that she lost the opportunity to meet a great guy like you. That is how you should be thinking.

No Regrets!

One principle that may motivate you to come out of your shell and help you in overcoming the fear of rejection is the 'No Regrets' principle. There is this girl you have had a crush on, since ages, whom you have not been able to ask out, for fear of being rejected.
You have two options. One is for losers, who never can come up with the courage to ask her out and die regretting that forever. The other is for winners who decide to give it a shot anyway, because they believe in dying with no regrets. Whatever be the result, they can go ahead with no regrets.
In the end, it is all about confidence and believing in yourself. The girl of your dreams is not going to come and fall in your arms. You have to go out there and find her and risk a few rejections on the way. Handling rejection when dating is a part of the game.
Do not let one rejection close doors to other possible futures, that you could have. Give it a shot and die with no regrets.