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Nature versus Nurture Reflection

Lisa Smith Jun 19, 2019
According to Levitt (2013), the nature theory largely defines how specific human traits are as a result of their biological makeup.

This means that we are naturally going to inherit some physiological, neurological and genetic traits from our parents and this will further impact on our personality and behavior patterns.
On the other hand, the nurture theory emphasizes on environmental factors as contributors to human behavior. The company we keep, that is family, friends and the society give experiences and learning circumstances that one often associates with.
This also shapes our behavior to what is acceptable based on the environment we are constantly in. My opinion of nature versus nurture theory is that, they both have an impact on our behaviors.
Naturally, we are genetic beings that borrow from our parents and also, we are a reflection of the environment and the company we keep, on a regular basis.
Taking these into consideration to crime causation, the environment and social learning theory do play important roles.

Levitt (2013) explains that the environment not only has to do with family and peer groups, but the economic one as well.

The latter can lead to crime causation due to pressures to provide and attain basic needs and wants.
The social learning theory explains that delinquent and crime related behaviors can be as a result of traits learned through social association (Levitt, 2013).

This goes back to the nurture theory whereby the people one associate with the most will influence on views and perspectives of different things.
Therefore, it can be said that crime causation can easily occur because individuals are learning the behavior from their associates.
Social theories analyze our behaviors through different context, thus the reason for varied explanations. However, the nature versus nurture theory best explains how individuals, even from the same family differ in their traits.
Therefore, it can be concluded that the genetics, environment, and social context all play roles more so in regards to crime causation. The problem can thus be addressed by looking into all angles.


Levitt, M. (2013). “Perceptions of nature, nurture and behavior”, Life Sciences, Society and Policy 9(13).
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