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Midlife Crisis Symptoms for Men

Mukta Gaikwad Nov 20, 2018
Midlife crisis for men differs from that of women. Read on to know what are the symptoms to tackle your partner's problems for a better life to come.
Midlife crisis is that moment when you realize your children and your clothes are about the same age.
― William D Tammeus
All of us, at some point of time, are at the juncture of midlife crisis. Midlife is that time when you feel you've been there and done that, it's no more interesting, the excitement has died out, and you need some time out. 
The midlife conjures up an undefined goal and construes the will to go after it. This for most men, leads to a tumultuous ride called the 'midlife crisis' and often causes the following behavior.

Perpetual Boredom

Perpetual boredom is one the first midlife crisis symptoms. Your man may complain about getting bored with everything he does. The boredom may begin, by noticing the negative aspects of life. For instance, he may be bored about spending time with you and the kids, going out, or may show boredom with regards to his work.
By mid age, that is by 35-45 years of age, most men realize that their dreams are yet unrealized or failed. This leads them on a path of restlessness, self apathy, and boredom. Thus, as a bored man, he wants to do something that's out of the box, which reinvigorates excitement in life.

Out of the Box

Not many men understand the meaning of 'doing something out of the box'. Middle aged men, are in a transitional phase. Many times, they don't take the change in the right spirit. They may construe it as doing something exciting, having an affair, making impetuous expenditures, making a drastic career change, or just being on an attention seeking spree.
When this happen, the existing relationships begin to dwindle under the pressure. This is why, divorces are usually seen during this phase of life. As his wife or living partner, you must understand, that your man has been feeling the lack of challenge for a long period of time. To save your relationship, give him his space but never stop motivating him.

Lifestyle Changes

A man in his period of crisis, may take to heavy alcohol drinking. Blood shot eyes, erratic behavior, alcoholic breath, and compulsive need to drink or take to drug abuse are the common signs of midlife crisis for men.
All of this put together, may make him severely depressed about his life, goals and his work, which will further aggravate the crisis for him. Its important, that you as a partner, divert his mind from taking recourse in such easier ways of forgetting reality.

Obvious Signs

A man in his crisis, believes that the world around him is crashing into a million little pieces and feels the depression taking over him.
Putting on weight, aversion from sexual activity, suffering from inferiority complex, resorting to emotional eating, inability to express thoughts and sentiments, trouble in sleeping, and desperate urge to runaway from all of this, are some of the obvious signs that your man needs your support.
Midlife crisis is that gut-wrenching feeling of dread and desperation to break free. Most people resort to extreme fun and frolic, such as buying sports car and indulging in life-threatening adventurous games.
On the contrary, it is a grim reality check, which shadows every hope of a way out. This phase of life incapacitates men to see beyond the crisis, which pulls them deeper in the trench of the crisis. To help your partner deal with this phase, motivate and assure him with your love. Remember it's just a phase, and like any other, and it too, shall pass.