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Jealousy Issues

Jealousy Issues Ruining Your Relationship? Here's How to Deal With It

Jealousy issues make us suffer a lot. Therefore, we must learn to overcome them to be a much better human being. This article discusses how you can get rid of your jealous feelings.
Bidisha Mukherjee
Last Updated: Dec 09, 2017
Jealousy is an integral part of our thought process. We have encountered this negative feeling a number of times, for one reason or the other. You can ignore it if it pops up in your mind once in a while. However, if it starts affecting your friendship and other important relationships, then you must know that it has become your weak point. It is going to cause more harm to you than anybody else. The root cause of most jealousy issues are some insecurities that lie within us, and they can occur in any of the following situations:
In Relationships
Nothing can be more beautiful than being in love. However, when jealousy crops up in a steady relationship, then it can be bad for both of you. It often happens that you start blaming your partner for no reason when the actual problem lies with you. Normally, jealousy develops out of insecurities that exist in a relationship; however, you are not aware of them. Therefore, identification of the cause behind the insecurities help us resolve the issue more effectively.
Sit in a quiet corner of your room. Take a piece of paper and note down all those occasions where you felt jealous about your partner. You will find that certain issues were common in most of those occasions. Once you have figured out the reasons, half of your problem is solved. Now, you have to make efforts to overcome them one by one. You can talk to your partner about it and take his or her help to get rid of those unwanted issues. When you communicate with each other about your misunderstandings, then the matter can be resolved more easily. You would find that most of the relationship issues can be solved through communication.
In Marriage
Jealousy can have an adverse effect on a marital relationship as well. In this condition, the positive feelings of trust and understanding are blocked by the negative feelings of jealousy. In order to deal with such a situation, you have to become more secured as a person. You have to understand your true value in the marriage. You must strongly believe that nobody is more important in your partner's life apart from you. So, the question of abandoning you does not even arise. Bring some positive changes in your life. This will make you feel happy about yourself as well as your relationship.
In Friendship
There cannot be anything more unfortunate than dealing with jealousy in a friendship. Usually, it happens when your friend is more successful than you. You start comparing about those things that your friend has, but you do not have. In other words, you feel jealous of your friend's achievements. Here, the first thing that needs to be done is not to give much importance to these kinds of negative thoughts. Just ignore them as a passing thought. Or else, make special efforts so that these thoughts do not enter your mind at all. When you do not think about them, those feelings subside on their own. If these thoughts already exist in your mind, then remind yourself that your friends are your real assets who will be with you forever through thick and thin. You cannot afford to lose a friendship just because of a few thoughts that are bothering your mind. In this way, you can discard the negative thoughts and start feeling genuinely happy for your friend.
Getting over this feeling of jealousy will make you feel great about yourself. Thus, there will be no room left for such feelings in your life. This is good for both your physical as well as mental health. You will be able to realize the importance of every person who is there in your life, and your life will be beautiful.