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Is Shopping Good for Health? Find Out What the Experts Say

Is Shopping Good for Health?
This article about "is shopping good for health" will bring a smile on women's faces while it will make men smirk! Yes! Ladies it's good news, researchers say shopping is good for health. Read this post to know how.
Divya Bichu
Last Updated: Feb 27, 2018
Shopping can mean different things to different people at different times, but one thing is sure: most women love shopping, whatever the occasion may be. You would hardly come across any woman who doesn't enjoy it. She takes immense pleasure in shopping, whether it is for her kids, boyfriend, husband, friends and especially for herself. There are some women who do not like to waste money on buying little unwanted things, just because they fancy them. However, I am sure they enjoy window shopping and end up buying something that is really important (which is good). While for some, shopping is an addiction and for most, a habit. If you are one, who shops till you drop and is always being scolded for the same, well... I have some good news here... you would want to thank me after you read what follows.
Shopping is good for health and it is official!
It is true! Other than torturing men (who miserably stand behind their girlfriend or wife until she is done with her shopping) and affecting the bank balance, it goes way beyond to boost your mental and physical health. And even gives your relationship a boost. Try it! Out of the blue, just ask your girl to go out shopping with you, she would not just agree willingly but love you all the more for this gesture. Jokes apart, an umpteen number of studies have brought researchers to the conclusion that shopping is really good for health and most importantly women enjoy it with a surge in positive emotions.
Is Shopping Really Good for Health?
Girls with shopping bags
The next time you go to a mall, just observe the ladies there, you will see all of them in the best of moods. This is not something I am telling you out of my own experience, but true it is. Studies affirm it, as a form of therapy. Come on! Let's face it when we go shopping, we feel good about ourselves and more about the place. It is the simplest way to elevate our self-worth. It literally is a stress buster for most women. Shopping releases hormones called endorphins which are responsible for lifting your moods and are good for your mental health. During a survey, an old lady in the mall said, she loved to buy stuff for her grand kids and children, as that keeps her going and helps her fight loneliness, by giving her opportunities to socialize. Not only does it boost your mental well-being but also gives you a fantastic workout, find out how.

Cancel all your gym enrollments, your diet plans and all those intense exercise regimes. I am not joking! Scientists have found that women on an average spend around 3-4 hours shopping during a week. They walk more than 70 miles per week, using up nearly 200 calories per trip. Whoa! Although most women do not realize or look at shopping as a formal form of exercise, but it is definitely a valid form of exercise and requires less motivation. Shopping in groups with friends or with your spouse is even more beneficial, says a study. Why? Because you tend to spend more time selecting stuff for each other, which in turn leads to covering more distance at the mall. What better excuse do you want to hit the winter sales this season?

Some studies have led to a conclusion that shopping is one way to combat depression. A woman tends to get so engrossed in shopping, that she can shop for hours together without eating or getting tired. That is exactly the reason, why gals indulge in shopping or grooming themselves after a terrible break-up. It is something that makes them happy and helps them forget their worries and problems. Hence, shopping helps overcome depression. And moreover it is good to reward yourself occasionally with all those things you fancy. So, the next time you are depressed about something, you know what to do.
Men would want to hide this article from their wives, for this article will affect their wallets immensely and they will be soon dragged to the local mall. Thankfully most shopping malls have a coffee shop, where men can enjoy sipping their espresso while women enjoy a stress free experience! Happy shopping ladies!!!
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