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Hypnotic Submission

Hypnotic submission involves the willing submission of the subject, to the guidance of the hypnotist for the sake of 'healing'.
Gaynor Borade Oct 27, 2018
The conscientious and intentional use of hypnosis for the purpose of amplifying or modifying various identified feelings or experiences is referred to as hypnotic submission. However, the procedure is applicable on an adult submissive only.
The hypnotizer basically accesses the subconscious of the adult dominant's super-conscious mind with the use of 'trance' technology. This access results in the consensual erotic mind control, when executed in the right manner. Here, it is important to correct the common belief that it involves enforcing submission.
On the contrary, the process allows the already consensual submissive to identify with the situation and submit more deeply for his or her own benefit.
People harbor the wrong notion that hypnosis is a state that exists in the peripheral. The fact is that, the subject is gradually led into a state, where he or she is able to retain free will. It is from this free state that the person is able to shed inhibitions and shake off the shackles of any kind of slavery, mental or physical, and 'heal'.
The hypnotizer simply acts and questions, on the basis of the pre-state understanding of the situation, and guides the process.
During hypnotic submission, you submit to the controlled environment, and the suggestibility to the influence of the hypnotizer, while still being the one in control. It would not be wrong to identify such a submission as increased influence of the hypnotist.
Hypnosis is a natural state that is amply experienced in everyday life as we daydream, watch TV, and forget a chore while chatting online, or even as we miss transport while creating a mental list of the 'must dos' for the day.
Every single day of your life, everyone is in a light trance state unconsciously. This change in the state of mind is called hypnosis and it usually does not register because it is a very subtle, and in a way, you are used to it.
Hypnotic submission is a state of mind of heightened awareness. You are totally in control and can stop the flow of events or the 'slavery' when and as you want. The state is quite addictive.
Several people have admitted to 'not wanting the wonderful experience to end'. The process is a therapy and works like a 'flight mechanism'. It is successful in your escape into a state, from where you not only perceive an assimilated overload of data, but also deal with the main reason for opting for the therapy.
It is an extension of spiritual life that most of us experience. It enables the subject to absorb 'healing' under the influence of suggested corrective measures and suggestions more readily than under normal circumstances, in the wake state.
The hypnotist uses posthypnotic suggestions or triggers, to initiate the process. The words are carefully chosen, so as to elicit a suggested response within the therapy. The triggers can be words or even gestures, and can be applied effectively to both, in and out of the trance state.
Every single person is hypnotizable and everyone feels different during the therapy. Some don't even notice any difference because it is so subtle, while others record a feeling of heaviness or even alleviation. There are some subjects, who automatically drift into the altered state of mind and are referred to as deep subjects or natural somnambulists.
This therapy enables the subject to submit to the will of another for a short span of time. The person is hypnotized and if need be, to confirm or continue the therapy, is re-hypnotized.
Re-hypnotism is carried out by listening to any recorded medium of a trance or via the guidance of the hypnotist. It is of little or no consequence, whether the subject is intelligent, a simpleton, willing, or a natural submissive.