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How to Stop Being a Pathological Liar

Kulbhushaan Raghuvanshi Nov 20, 2018
People who are pathological liars or have dealt with a person who has been one, know that pathological liars show no signs of improvement whatsoever. So can this syndrome be stopped or controlled? Let's find out...
The term 'pathological liar' essentially means a person who lies continuously in every situation. Psychologists also say that people who suffer from pathological lying are considered to have a disease which cannot be controlled.
Such people cause a lot of pain and confusion to people around them, especially their loved ones. Their main reason for lying is to have their way, no matter what. They are individuals who have a very manipulative personality and this constant lying is the secret to their happiness.
Pathological liars are experts in lying. Their main reason for lying is to make themselves feel better and look better in front of others. In reality, these sad souls are depressed with their lives and suffer from low self-esteem.
They are under the impression that the entire world is their enemy and the only way to defeat their enemy is to lie and make themselves feel bigger, better and smarter. People normally recognize a pathological liar after his/her mind cannot think of any more lies to cover up his/her faults.

Signs of Someone Being a Pathological Liar

Before we come to the part on how to stop being a pathological liar, it is very necessary to recognize the symptoms of a pathological liar. All pathological liars show the same kind of symptoms. They lie constantly and to cover up their previous lies, they keep on thinking about new lies. Here are some signs of pathological lying.
  • Pathological liars lie constantly and change their story all the time. Today they might narrate a different incident and tomorrow may be something else.
  • These people exaggerate about each and everything. They just cannot say simple sentences, they have to lie and make the information more juicy.
  • They are never encouraging towards others and will constantly think of ways to discourage people around them. They like creating problems for other people.
  • Pathological liars lie to gain sympathy from other people. If they get caught, they never own up to their lies and come up with some more lies to cover their case.

Treatment for a Pathological Liar

Though this situation really looks like a bad mess and seems like there is no solution for it, all hope cannot be lost for pathological lying. If pathological liars want to get better and stop this constant lying, there are treatment options like psychotherapy and cognitive behavior therapy which they can opt for.


Psychotherapy is a positive start for people who constantly lie. The biggest problems with pathological liars is that in most situations they don't recognize that they are lying because they lie so frequently. Psychotherapists help pathological liars accept the truth for a better future.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Cognitive behavior therapy is a special type of therapy for cases who need special guidance. In these sessions, professional therapists understand the individual's mind and learn the main reasons for continuous lying. These therapists also help the patients to understand the effects of their continuous lying on their loved ones and their relationships.
Many clinical professionals also believe that pathological lying is born due to an identity crisis. People who have faced a lot of hardships and difficulties automatically start imagining themselves as a separate identity. The individual will start bragging about things that he/she has never done.
This disorder is very bad but this doesn't mean that it is not treatable. However, treatments can only work once the liar decides to stop telling lies and come clean with his/her acts. Ultimately it is the person's choice, whether he/she wants to destroy everything that is around with lies or come clean and start building a new and clean life.