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How to Enhance Your Mood

Arjun Kulkarni Feb 6, 2019
There are times when we all feel low for certain reasons. However, it is important to get oneself out of the temporary sadness to resume normal, happy life. This information excerpt attempts to help you find certain ways to boost your mood.
Even the happiest among us are not impervious to sorrow. All of us go through times when there will be sadness due to some reason or the other. It may be due to some failure, loneliness, homesickness, or something similar. However, you need to get out of it somehow. Sadness is best defeated before it really gets to us.

Good Mood Elevators


Exercise helps to boost your mood. There is nothing that gets sadness out-of-the-way like a good run. This is in fact, my favorite way to stop being sad.
In my opinion, physical activity always numbs mental pain. It gives your brain something else to think about rather than what was troubling you. And, if you run faster than you did yesterday, or manage to pick up more weight than usual, it will give you a sense of achievement, and thus will elevate your mood.


Each one of us have a personal list of hobbies. Some like playing musical instruments, some like playing sports, while some others enjoy reading.
So, take up some activity that will take your mind away from the sadness, to a place where it feels happier. Sing a song you love, or watch your favorite movies. Whatever makes you happy normally, will come handy.


Eating gives a feel good factor to all of us. There is just something that a burrito, pizza, or a hot dog gives, that makes you feel so much better!
But unfortunately, foods that enhance your mood, are rich in fat, hence, it is better that you be a little cautious with them. Moreover, you can go for foods with a higher monounsaturated fat content.

Go For a Drive

There is something about driving that calms most of us.
Perhaps it is the sense of being in control, or the speed and thrill, or simply the sight of the open spaces that makes us feel better. Going for a drive is what most people often do when they have to face the bad mood syndrome.

Joke Books

This might sound silly, but joke books do work, especially if you're not a great reader.
These days, joke books are quite comprehensive, and have all kinds of jokes from the crass to the intellectual. So, if ever in a bad mood, go buy one of those 1000 jokes type of books.

Take a Shower

Well, different things work for different people, but a good hot shower really does the trick for me. For those with a tub, that would be a good idea too! A good long hot bath in a shower totally gets me singing.

Go Shopping

It has never worked for me, but shopping therapy is widely considered a good answer to getting a better mood. People usually feel lifted when they go shopping, and come back with roses on their cheeks. So, go buy yourself a gift!
Enhancing your mood is easier than you think. The first step in uplifting your mood is to break the psychological chain.
Your brain and mind gets hamstrung by sadness, and clear thought and activity becomes labored. So, the first thing you need to do is to change the mindset. Get out of the sadness and decide, that you want to boost your mood. Once you do that, the hard part is over. Then ideas will come to you.