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How to Help Someone with Depression

How to Help Someone with Depression

Depression is known to be the most unpredictable disease in medicine. Find out how to help someone with depression in this article.
Aparna Jadhav
Depression is a type of mental and physical illness. The more serious type is known as clinical depression and has many causes, some major while others minor. In this disorder, these causes affect the victim's behavior, thoughts, feelings and physical health, because the victim is unable to battle the pressures created by them.

The most common symptoms are feelings of sadness, anxiousness, hopeless, emptiness, helplessness, guilt, worthlessness, irritability or restlessness, dissatisfaction with one's life, suicidal tendencies, etc. Therefore, if you know someone who is suffering from these symptoms, it is very important to help them get out of it. But you need to know how to help someone with depression, as these people are at a very sensitive stage in their lives.

Ways to Help Depressed People

Depression is not a hereditary disorder, or as easy to cure as common cold. It is a disease that takes charge of your mind and thoughts to alter them in such a way that you can't take anything positively. Even if it is not innate, it turns into a chronic illness which needs long term treatment. However, it is not an incurable disease as it is related to your mind and psyche, which can be changed with counseling, medication, and other effective treatments.

People who are depressed usually suffer from mental issues like loss of interest in hobbies, poor concentration, weak memory, inability to take decisions, and contemplation of suicide. They suffer from physical problems like overeating, loss of appetite, insomnia, excessive sleeping, energy loss, pain, and digestive problems. Here are some ways to help people who are depressed.

Understand Them
  • First of all, you must make them feel comfortable.
  • Don't ever tell a depressed person, that you understand him, as they are at a point where they are convinced "nobody understands me". You can simply be supportive and treat them with a little respect, so that they notice the attention.
  • To start with, ask them if they need anything and try to be polite around them. Be nice and offer help. You can also talk to them when you see them sitting alone and sad (common sight among them).
  • Offer to take them out and help them socialize. Don't let them feel ignored and unwanted. Take them shopping and ask them for their suggestions.
Be Supportive
  • Being supportive is considered as a very important factor in dealing with individuals suffering from this condition. If they are in denial, make them feel like they can depend on you for emotional support.
  • They will feel confident that they may confide in you for emotional as well as family support. Bring about some positivity in their life by being their parent, friend, guide, a good partner, or any other role that is needed. This can prove to be very effective.
  • Don't make them feel inferior to you, as you will only end up shaking their confidence, and they will shy off even more.
Encourage Them
  • People who are depressed think a lot and have many versions of negative thoughts in their minds. This is why it is best to encourage them in whatever they like to do, instead of being rude and intolerant about their interests.
  • They are also very angry and impatient people, who can often have anger outbursts every now and then. Therefore, being patient and kind to them is a good tip.
  • If your child is depressed, don't ever say the word, "NO" to them. It leaves a negative impact on them and they might end up doing something aggressive. Pat their back and encourage them to pursue what they like. Positive thinking can also help them change.
Always remember that anyone of us can be in a similar situation as them, so don't ignore them. Instead, help them by giving love, affection and attention to them, so that they can get out of this disorder as soon as they can.