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How to Deal With Jealousy

Rashida Khilawala Mar 12, 2019
Jealousy is usually the major reason for hatred. It fosters unnecessary need for status. Sometimes, to an extent, this emotion can have a positive impact also. Here we explains about how to deal with the same.
Remember that, often, the biggest fuel for jealousy is jealousy itself. You should notice whether you find yourself jumping to extreme conclusions on random events, or imagine everybody targeting you all the time. Then, you might just be chronically jealous. In this state, you will mostly find that you are driving yourself, and your near and dear ones.

Some Ways to Avoid it on your Own

Dealing with pangs of this emotion can often be a challenge. The first step along the way is to recognize and admit to the fact that you are jealous. Another way of recognizing that you have it, is if you doubt everyone who is close to you or obsess about a single delay in his/her response.
Here are some ways to deal with the same:

➾ First and foremost, you need to control yourself. Life shows each individual several reasons to be jealous. However, that does not mean that each reason can be a justification to the chronic jealousy. So primarily, you need to be able to have control over your own emotions and thoughts, to avoid it.
➾ The second most important way is to have a good self-esteem. You may dislike when said that a maximum number of jealous people have a low self-esteem. That is why they are such easy targets for this virus. So, if you need to stay away from it, you need to feel good about yourself. This way, another individual's abilities will not affect you negatively.
➾ The third way is to avoid jumping to conclusions. Hurried responses are often the reason for increase in the same. Give people the benefit of doubt. Do not jump to negative conclusions in the first instance. See both sides of the coin and examine all the possibilities. Not only will this delay feeling for you, but also calm you down with positive energy.
➾ Sometimes, it can also be a good thing, it can lead a person to have the grit, determination, and fire to achieve something more than expected in life. This is where its positive impact comes into play. However, if this goes out of hand, the negatives may creep in eventually. So, be cautious and conscious of the same and use it optimally.
➾ Communication or open-hearted discussion can thwart this feeling in no time.If you are doubting your partner for infidelity, don't feel jealous and anxious. Simply discuss it out openly. The conversation will bring this emotion to their notice, and also clear your doubts and strengthen your relationship.

Handling it in Relationships

Often in a relationship, it can act as the villain. Be it the man or the woman, if either one is jealous by nature, the relationship could be doomed from the very start, whether you know it or not. Here are some ways to save your relationship from the same.
➾ Do not jump to the conclusion that every friend of your partner's is hitting on them. There is a possibility that many are, and there is nothing wrong with that. However, that does not mean that your partner is also interested in them. Often people are not even aware of their friends having feelings for them. So, do not jump to the conclusion right away.
➾ Open communication is the best way to keep a relationship safe from it. The fact is that it can creep into a relationship at any point of time. All it requires is a small crack of miscommunication and the leak begins. So, have conversations, discussions, and make sure that you know each other well.
This can have two-fold effects, firstly, there will not be anything unknown to foster this feeling and secondly, the other person will be aware of the jealous person's nature and the transition it can begin.
➾ Another requirement for any relationship is trust and honesty. These are the sure fire methods to avoid this problem completely. Any relationship that thrives on the pillars of honesty and trust, will be away from this emotion, simply because there is no unknown.
Just like the fear of darkness, this emotion thrives in the unknown. Honesty and trust are the torches that remove the darkness and eradicate this feeling.
➾ Giving each other time is extremely important. Surveys have shown that couples that don't get to spend time with each other are often more prone to this. In this case, this emotion grows to unbelievable extents and drives the couple mad, leading to a bad breakup.
So, to avoid this, just make sure that you spend a quality and intimate time together. If in a long distance relationship, speak to each other regularly and visit each other as often as possible.
➾ Quiet time is often a great solution to this problem. So, if your relationship is prone to lots of fights due to this behavior, make sure that both of you spend some quiet time and analyze the situation.
This is an anger management method, but it also works for jealousy management. So, be quiet the moment this emotion erupts and give it time to settle, before you talk.
Ironically, in a relationship, this problem can often distance the very person from you, whom you are fighting to hold closer.
It is a menace, a plague upon the paradise of peace, that can ruin all that is good and true. Following the aforementioned ways, might prove useful to stay away from it. More so, it is the most negative energy that one can put out into the universe, so, you can imagine what you will get out of it (hint: negativity).