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How to Deal with Depression

Mukta Gaikwad Mar 2, 2019
Depression is defined as low levels of mood and aversion from activity. What is more important is how you deal with it. Here are some ways that will help you deal with this condition in the best possible ways.
Depression is a state of mind. It is characterized by low mood levels. A perpetual sadness looms over the person who is suffering from depression. This illness no criteria, which is why anyone can suffer from it. As it does really have physical symptoms, the psychological disorder gets difficult to diagnose.
Many confuse small mood swings of sadness and worries to depression. But that is not the case. There are certain tests that can determine your state of mind. The faster you identify depression, the easier it is to deal with it. Thankfully, there are a few ways of recognizing and dealing with depression.

Identifying Depression

The fact that depression has no physical signs, makes it rather difficult to detect. A person may be suffering from depression since a long time, which may go unnoticed. By understanding a few signs and symptoms of depression, you can know your state of mind.
  • Constantly feeling blue.
  • Low self-esteem.
  • Perpetual tiredness.
  • Feeling of guilt.
  • Intolerance towards your colleagues and family members.
  • Reduced sex drive.
  • Feeling dread all the time.
  • Anxiety.
  • Continuous worry about preposterous situations or children.
  • Obsessional worries.
  • Hopelessness.
  • Helplessness.
  • Suicidal thoughts.

Dealing with Depression


There is nothing wrong about being depressed and being open about it. The more you talk about it the more you will be able to throw out the negative thoughts in your mind. Get in touch with a psychologist and listen to him. A psychiatrist knows what is in your best interest and will guide you with care and concern to come out clean.


Ponder over every possible significant event that you may have been a part of, since you have been feeling blue. Maybe something, subconsciously, affected you, which has led you to this condition. Analyze what it exactly was and note down what is so important about it on a piece of paper.
Once you have done that, tear the paper into pieces, et voila, the cause or the problem is no longer important! Remember there is nothing more important in this world than yourself. What has happened is in the past and will remain there forever, let go, and you shall sail ashore to happiness.

Stop Thinking Negative

The difference in the first term is positive and the other one is negative. This means, every time you instruct yourself, frame them positive. For example 'I love myself' and not 'I do not hate myself'. This helps in generating a positivity around you.


There are anti-depressant or medications for depression which are not addictive. Please do not go and buy antidepressants on your own. Consult your psychiatrist before that, and buy them according to the prescription. It takes about 2-3 weeks to show some effects and generally, as a matter of rule, antidepressants are prescribed for a period of six months.

Come Out of Your Shell

Socialize with people, meet different kinds of people, learn new things, indulge yourself in the activities that you like, play outdoor sports or go out camping with your children. This is the best possible medicine for dealing with depression.
Honestly, dealing with depression is your choice. You may cry about it or get up, and actually do something about it. Get a grip on your mind as depression is generally yet another mind game, so, don't fret about it. Remember, what hasn't proved fatal, will only make you stronger. Remember, smiles are the longest miles you will ever walk! So, smile please!