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How to Control Your Dreams

Saptakee Sengupta Jan 2, 2019
Does the re-occurrence of a dream haunt you even before you fall asleep? Foreseeing something in your dreams scares you to death? Read more to know the techniques that help control the occurrence of such dreams.
Dreams are different mental images that fill our mind with myriad mysteries that either get transformed to reality or behave like volatile thoughts of the subconscious mind. Scientific research and theories say that, what we think in our subconscious mind is what we see in our dreams.
Quite contrary to this theory there are certain images in dreams that have a connection to reality and the present. Our mind experiences random sounds, images and emotions while sleeping. Few things get etched in our mind and we are able to recall what we dreamed last night while other times we forget completely.
Therefore it's very difficult to predict what actually a dream is. Sometimes it leaves us frightened with a ghastly nightmare while at other times it takes us to the world of happiness. These different types of dreams are just like a stranger, so unrevealed, unknown and unexplored!
Often times we try to change our lifestyle or thinking processes to control recurrence of dreams. But does it help? I guess not! Now comes the question, 'how to control your dreams in the correct way.' Be at peace, as the following segment shall let you know the probable techniques for controlling your dreams.

Techniques to Control Your Dreams

"The interpretation of dreams is the royal road to a knowledge of the unconscious activities of the mind." ~ Sigmund Freud.
After reading this quote you must be wondering if dreams can lead to the path of knowledge then why do people still want to control dreams? Although the statement is paradoxical, there are certain justified reasons behind it.
When a dream become a nightmare, you wish to find out means to control it. As long as you remain transported to a world of fantasy, you derive joy from it. No sooner do they transform themselves to dark and deathly, you look for ways to get relief from these scary images and incidents you visualize in dreams.
Some people tend to forget what they dream while the rest remember them so vividly that they utilize them in their practical life. You must have also experienced this phenomenon, that the same incident gets repeated almost everyday in your dreams.
These are known as recurring dreams and psychologists have put forth their view, that recurring dreams are means to deliver you some important messages pertaining to your life. Lucid dreaming is also another example, where we are able to remember every detail regarding the previous night's dream.
Dream interpretations is no doubt a complex science but once we make some effort to find out the possible reasons behind the unreal images, we can definitely control them from appearing. Here are some tips on controlling dreams. Check them out.

Maintain a Journal of Your Dreams

Last night you dreamed of a two headed monster! In the afternoon you dreamed a sudden hike in your salary! The incidents are prominent in your memory just like they were in your dreams.
Researchers have always suggested to make a note of whatever you remember, at that moment itself. If it's difficult for you to wake up from sleep and pen down everything, you can even record your voice.
When you remember your dreams, the possibility of visualizing them while sleeping can be controlled. Thus, remembering dreams in a conscious state is one way to control them.

Find Out the Reality

This requires lots of inspection and constant attention. It involves establishing a connection between real life circumstances and your dreams.
For example, you get drenched every day before going to office due to the rainy season and you keep pondering, will it again rain tomorrow. Since this thought occupies your mind all through the day, it also comes in your dreams and you wake up all of a sudden.
If you practice the habit of reality checks and stop thinking about present and future events, you can definitely control the dream haunts.

Practice Lucid Dreaming

Wake-Initiation of Lucid Dreams (WILD) is a scientifically proven method that has helped to control dreams considerably. Researchers from Lucidity Institute have advised to stay little conscious at least for 3-4 hours before falling asleep deeply.
If you wake up in between your sleep, you need to stay awake for half an hour before going to sleep. This induces a mental alert while sleeping. The psychology of dreams says that when you are conscious of yourself and your surroundings, you can definitely impose a control over your dreams.

Rhythmic Induction of Lucid Dreams

The theory of Mnemonic Induction of Lucid Dreams (MILD) was put forth by psychophysiologist Stephen LaBerge. Induction of lucid dreams involves waking yourself up deliberately while dreaming.
This technique though a bit difficult to follow can control your dreams to much of an extent. You ought to chronicle everything you remember when you wake up. If you feel sleepy, you need to re-enter the process of recollecting your previous dreams. The other aspect of this technique suggests you to look for dream signs.
There are certain objects and incidents that act as foretellers of dreams. (e.g mountain, monster, fairy, etc). If you are aware of these dream signs, you can eventually gain control of your dreams.
Why restrict yourself from dreaming if they give you joy and happiness, although ephemeral? Unless your dreams become an intrusion to your progress in life, not following these controlling techniques would be a good idea.