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How to Be in Harmony With Yourself

Our lives are full of stress and unexpected things, which can distract us anytime. How to find harmony in yourself? Here are the answers.
Aigerim Berzinya Jun 14, 2019

Being in harmony with yourself means...

It’s a feeling of wholeness, extreme peace, and overall satisfaction with yourself and your life.

And while it may seem like in this day and age, it’s impossible to be completely and thoroughly happy, having harmony in yourself is still an achievable goal that can be met using the proper methods.

If you are ready...

If you are ready to move forward in your life, and achieve happiness inside and out, then you’re ready to create harmony. We’re going to show you the 6 essential steps on how to be in harmony with yourself; so you, too, can enjoy a peaceful and satisfying life.

Know Yourself for Who You Are at This Present Time

This doesn’t include who you want to be or who you are trying to be, but the person that you are right now.

Know your different qualities, the negative and the positive. Know the type of person you are and what you have accomplished in your life thus far.
Discover who you are as a person inside and out, and finding harmony will become much easier. After all, you must know one’s self to achieve absolute harmony.

Know Who You Want to Be

A life lacking goals is no way to live; in fact, it can leave you in an endless, unfilled circle that has virtually end.

This kind of catastrophic living cannot lead you to peace. That being said, setting goals for yourself and knowing exactly who you want to be will help you achieve harmony.
This is due to the fact that:
  • You know who you are as a person in the present moment and you have harmony with yourself
  • You will know exactly what steps you need to take to achieve the best ‘YOU’ possible. Becoming your best self will ultimately lead to happiness and complete harmony

Take Time for Yourself

If you never take time for yourself, your days will be filled with business and activities and a brain that’s going haywire.

Self care is essential for a variety of reasons including mental and physical health and confidence, but it’s also imperative for harmony with one’s self.
Make sure you’re taking time for yourself regularly. This could mean taking a walk every night listening to the breeze blow through the trees, getting a manicure every Thursday night, or simply relaxing in the tub with your favorite essential oils.

Whatever helps you to take care of yourself and help you to cradle your mind and body, do it.

Be Quiet, and Listen

Taking time for yourself is important, it’s also to take breaks during your life to be quiet and listen to your mind and body.

Your mind is filled with intuition and thoughts that are constantly being ignored because you’re ‘too busy’. If you sit back, be quiet, and listen to your mind, a lot of things will be easier for you in life.
Sometimes it’s not even just your mind that’s trying to talk to you, but your body as well.

If you listen to what your body has to say, you may find out that you’re lacking a certain vitamin or you need to pay more attention to working on those aching feet.
Being quiet is essential for overall harmony. Not only will you be able to go one-on-one with your thoughts and feelings, but you will also be able to turn off the world around you for a few moments and relax.

This special one-on-one time with yourself will allow you to calm down, think, and become more at peace with things that are going on in your life.

Respect Yourself

It can be easy to bring yourself down if you’re unhappy about certain things.

Perhaps you’ve gained a little weight you’re uncomfortable with, you didn’t get that special promotion and suddenly your confidence has been shattered and you’re ultimately upset with yourself - whether it’s body, personality, or life in general.
However, listen to this: if you’re trying to achieve harmony, you can’t let these things belittle you and bring you down; that is the complete opposite of harmony.

Instead, find a way to make peace with these things. Gained some weight? Set a goal to lose it- and have a plan as to how. Didn’t get the promotion you were working so hard for?
Don’t fret- there are better opportunities, so try doing things from a different point of view. Messy breakup? Forget about it. It takes two to tango and you are not the one at fault for the split. Take time to assess the relationship and find out what and who you truly want to be with.

Be Responsible

If you’re trying to live your life without taking responsibility for anything you’ve done, you will never reach harmony.

Harmony doesn’t only mean being knowledgeable and happy with yourself, but coming to terms with your past and bad things you may have done. WIthout being responsible for your actions, there’s no way to reach harmony.


By following these simple 6 steps, you will quickly find that you are at an overall happier mindset, and have goals to make yourself a better person, someone who you can even more harmony with.