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Ever Tried Hearing What Colors Have to Say and Make You Feel Like?

How Colors Make You Feel
Colors are all around us and each of them have something or the other to say to us! Find more on how colors make you feel from the article written below.
Aparna Jadhav
Last Updated: Mar 9, 2018
What do you feel when you see an orange bag hanging in a store, or when you are trying to choose which flavored ice cream you would like to eat? I am sure it's a feeling which you can't explain, but there is either an attraction or a repulsion which you experience for the particular colors. To give you a brief idea of what exactly are colors and how they affect us, let me first give you the definition of a color. A color is a visual perceptual property which is derived when the external spectrum of light, interacts inside the eye with the sensitivities of optical light receptors.
Depending on these sensitivities of the spectrum and the wavelengths of the light, the eyes visualize the specific colors and the minute shade differences. When our eyes recognize these colors, there is a certain effect each of them have on our psyche, and this gives rise to certain feelings. I am sure all of you know the colors of the rainbow in order. All these rainbow colors have some or the other effect on our moods.
How Colors Affect Your Mood
Other than what we perceive of a particular color, there are certain universal meanings given to them, for e.g., colors that belong to the red spectral area are known as warm colors, and those which belong to the blue area of the spectrum are called cool colors. Colors and emotions are said to go together, thus, all these have their own effects and emotional changes on the human brain. This perception of colors which is accepted universally is known as, "color psychology" and it is used as therapy or an alternative medicine technique. Without any further delay, here's how colors make us feel and how they change our moods and emotions.
Color psychology white icecream
The color white often referred to as colorless, is actually the main color of light which creates the other colors when reflected in specific wavelengths. It is associated to purity, virginity, cleanliness, safety, peace, innocence and light, and because it is the origin of all the other colors, it also stands for perfection. White is usually considered to be a positive color and when our eyes see it, we experience the feeling of peace. You must have heard the comparison of vanilla ice cream being absolutely flawless!
Color psychology Pink tulips
Take a look at the pink tulips and try to analyze the feeling. I am sure it is a calm and soothing feeling which relates to a tender loving touch. The color pink is a mixture of red and white, and even though it doesn't have a specific wavelength in the spectrum, it is a commonly used color. You get an affectionate, juvenile and warm feeling when you see the color pink. You can use this to check the effects of bedroom colors and moods in your homes.
Color psychology Red Shoe
Red is another color which is produced at a specific wavelength of light. This is one of the colors in the rainbow and thus is known as a solid or main color. It belongs to the warm colors and stands for danger, strength, war, power, love, passion and determination. When you see the color red, you feel confident and powerful, because it is a very bold color. Even if we've just displayed a shoe here, the color surely attracts the eye.
Color psychology Orange leaves
Orange has its own spectral wavelength as well, which produces the color when light reflects a transparent surface. However, it is also produced when red and yellow are combined, which is interpreted as a color of joy and enthusiasm. The feelings that are experienced when the orange color is observed are; happiness, stimulation, encouragement and freshness. Orange is said to increase the supply of oxygen to the brain, stimulating activity in it. Orange is an attractive color and thus a great hit among the youth.
Color psychology Yellow egg yolk
I am sure, you all find "sunny side up", really delicious! Well, that's because they look so tempting, don't they? The yellow color of the yolk, usually has this positive effect on our mind. The color of sunshine, produces a warm, pleasant, cheerful and energetic feeling. Yellow is a color which attracts attention immediately, thus can have a very positive and healthy effect on our eyes.
Color psychology Brown chocolate
Another color which doesn't have its own wavelength and is usually a mixture of 3 main colors such as red, yellow and orange is brown. Brown is the color of earth which is why it is associated to strength and determination. When your eyes see the color brown, there is a very low or ordinary feeling. Giving you more of a neutral feeling (neither happy nor sad), the color brown also gives a feeling of security or protection. Brown is usually also the color of wood furniture, which can be combined with other colors. Thus, check how furniture colors affect your moods, by simply looking around wherever you are sitting!
Color psychology Green leaf
When you look at the fresh green leaf with water droplets, don't you get a fresh or cool feeling. Green, reserves its place (wavelength) in the spectrum of light and is a main color. Known to be the color of nature, it stands for growth, fertility, harmony, healing power, hope, etc. But green is also related to the feeling of jealousy, which is the only negative feeling associated to this color. However, when you look at green foliage or any green background, you get a calm and soothing feeling.
Color psychology Blue water
The color of the endless ocean and the sky is blue. With an absolutely calm and relaxed feeling provided by the color blue, there are many emotions that are related to it. Blue is known as the color of wisdom, truth, confidence, trust and sincerity. It is associated with masculinity and hence, is a favorite among the males. Blue has its own section in the spectrum and belongs to the cool colors with many shades of blue, such as teal, aquamarine, turquoise, etc., which have a soothing or tranquil effect on the eyes.
Color psychology Violet gemstone
One of my personal favorites, violet stands for luxury and class. When you see the deep violet color in the amethyst shown aside, it gives you a feeling of compassion, vulnerability and elegance. There are many shades of violet such as lilac, magenta, purple and royal violet, which have their own personal effects on our mind. Violet is a mixture of blue and pink and thus, it has a combined effect of these two main colors on our psyche. This a great example of how colors make you feel.
Color psychology Gray sky
The color gray is associated as a neutral or sad color, as it is a mixture of two blank colors viz; white and black. Even though it is associated to a negative feeling, when combined with any other bright color such as yellow, orange, blue or pink, it has the power to nullify the brightness and accentuate it with a mild feel. Gray gives a passive feeling to the eyes and you can peep into the picture to check how it makes you feel!
Color psychology Black car
The last color in this list of colors is black, which is known as the mixture of all the colors mentioned above. The color of shadows and night, is the opposite of light. The physics behind this color is that, when a ray of light (white) reflects a transparent surface, it gives rise to various colors, but when the ray is absorbed in the surface, the result is darkness or black color. When you see the color black or darkness, there is a feeling of fear, sadness and grief. However, like gray, black is also a neutral color which when combined with bright shades, accentuates them.
With this information about how colors make you feel, I am sure you have experienced many feelings throughout this article. Well, this is what colors do and having them around us is truly a blessing.
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