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Four Personality Types

Bhakti Satalkar Sep 29, 2018
Human behavior is a complex subject to dwell on. Sometimes we feel we are similar to someone in more than one way, yet we are different. Most of us are a combination of 4 main personality types, yet there may be a personality type, which is more prominent than the other in us.
Often while hiring people, the HR professionals are at a crossroad and find it difficult to prefer one person over the other. This is with the fact, that they might have the same career path and similar set of qualifications. At such times the HR professionals use the personality types test.
The test helps in analyzing the strength and weakness of the person, along with the challenges the person will be able to withstand. There is other use of knowing the different personality types. It helps a person in communicating effectively with people around and helps in improving personal as well as professional lives.
There are four main personality types, although there are some studies, which may point that there are more than 4 types of personality. However, the personality types other than the main four types are actually nothing but a combination of the main types.

What are the 4 Personality Types?

The birth of the theory of personality types is in psychology. This theory is also referred to as the four quadrant model. There are a number of names with which each of the personality may be referred to.
It is important to note that understanding the personality types is not a simple task. Each of the personality types have their own strengths and weakness, therefore it is best not to categorize anyone of them better than the other.


If you have to give the 4 personality types test to an analytical person, you will find him pondering over the questions. There are no emotions involved when they make their decisions. Therefore, such people may often be tough task masters.
They are perfectionists by nature and will always do any of the tasks they take up thoroughly and leave no stone unturned, so that the task it just perfect. More often than not, they can be very rigid and disciplined in their behavior, which often is demanding not only on themselves, but also on others around them.
Therefore, when they are doing a particular task, it is not uncommon of this personality type to forget about themselves as well as the world around them. Such people are very self-reliant and independent. These people may be seen suffering from low self-esteem, as they always set very high standards for themselves and may also be critical of themselves.


As the name of personality type suggests, this is the 'doer' personality. The people of this personality type are passionate about their ambition, at the same time they are also known to instill it in others around them.
The driver personality type is known to be very dominating. Hence, if you have to study the most charismatic political or military leaders, you will see that they had driver personality. In other words, they are the 'inborn' leaders and will often be seen taking charge of everything around them.
Due to their driving personality, they often find it difficult to work with others. At the same time, they often do not take the perspective of the others, into consideration and they are determined and ensure everything happens exactly the way they have envisioned it to be.


If in a gathering you come across a person, who is totally enjoying the social event, then it has to be the expressive personality type. They may often be considered to be very loud. They are known to make friends easily.  
Often it is seen, that these are the people, who become friends easily and at the same time, remain life long friends with others. It goes without saying, they are very good communicators. If there is an idea, you will see that it will be supported by this personality very enthusiastically. At times they may come across as unrealistic.
You may find the people of this personality type day dreaming, but you cannot overlook their creative side either. If you come across someone, who is very sensitive, compassionate and thoughtful at the same time, you know it has to be the expressive personality type.
These people may not always be able to reach their destination on time and may be forgetful as well. You will see that these people may lose interest in something, they have taken up rather enthusiastically very easily, yet they are fun people to be around.


One of the most supportive of the personality types, they will conform to the wishes of people around them. Usually patient, often work with 'NO' deadlines and find difficulty to complete their tasks on time.
They are very diplomatic. Since they are not assertive, they often find it difficult to get work done from people. They are self-content and kind. Although they are receptive, they are very shy as well. These people detest instability, uncertainty and/or constant change. They are rational, curious and are keen observers. This makes them good administrators.
It is very difficult to brand a person under only one personality type. Most of us have a combination of 2 or more. However, there may be some quality in us, due to which it may seem that we predominantly belong to a particular personality type. Human personality is way more complicated than we think it to be, hence categorizing someone is very difficult.